Books to give away


Hello all

What do people do with books they no longer want? In the summer I’ve put some outside the front door and quite a few went that way, however with the rain etc no a great option now, so any ideas. Do hospitals, doctors, charities, communiy libraries want these? Most fiction books and some old gardening books etc.



Maybe hang on to them until Leaf and Groove opens up…?


Crofton Park library will also take some books if you want to share them out :wink:It is also a community library.


Happy to - do I just pop in with them or should I make an appointment of sorts?


Happy to take them for FH Library or @leafandgroove

Feel free to drop them at my shop anytime :slight_smile:


Just drop them in, only shut on Wednesday & shut at 1pm on Friday :blush:


Thanks everyone, will try and drop them over the next couple of weeks.