Boundary Commission: Local constituency changes

It’s a bad choice of name, especially when you consider that Lower Sydenham is excluded from the constituency. It would be much better to call it “Dulwich and Forest Hill” - not that I’m biased.

Dulwich and Lewisham South West?

Forest Hill and Surrounds?

No thanks. ‘Forest Hill’ is a soppy American-sounding name dreamt up by some nineteenth century property developer . ‘Sydenham’ on the other hand has the glamour of antiquity, a name that goes back over a thousand years (and, yes, I know it should really be ‘Cippenham.’) Forest Hill is really just a posh suburb of Sydenham anyway.

Final proposals from the boundary commission puts Crofton Park and Bellingham in the wrong constituencies.

Maybe a naive question but in what sense are they wrong?

Compare and contrast:

SE23 should be kept together in a single constituency rather than stretching from Peckham to Bromley. But then i guess the whole concept of constituencies with first past the post electoral system is a bit unrepresentative anyway. But at least the Boundary Commission isn’t deliberately Gerrymandering constituencies in the way that is done in America.

I see your point. I hope for the sake of that the changes aren’t too radical. I don’t want a forum refugee crisis.

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It’s worth noting that under the current boundaries, Dulwich is split between Dulwich & West Norwood and Peckham and Camberwell, so it’s nothing new that whole postcodes are split within postcodes due to ward boundaries.

For the majority of people who live in FH, they’ll be in a constituency that is closer to home than one that stretches to Penge and Anerley and for the first time, people who live on both sides of Wood Vale and Sydenham Hill will be represented by the same MP, rather than those on the Southwark side represented by an MP who currently also serves constituents in Brixton and Tulse Hill.

It also resolves those who live in Bell Green who are represented currently by a Lewisham and Catford focused MP, rather than Sydenham.

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Agreed. Done.

So this has reverted back to splitting Honor Oak into different constituencies as now. All because of one person objecting to it, or so it seems from the report. Am left wondering why my comment was disregarded if all it took was one voice to change this.

Am not sure why splitting a postcode in this way matters - the postie won’t mind if the local MP changes en route. Splitting communities is much more damaging IMO.

The wards affected by the split border the existing Camberwell and Peckham constituency. This may benefit residents who use One Tree Hill in Honor Oak which is on the Southwark side and issues surrounding Honor Oak Cemetery which is used by both Lewisham and Southwark residents in the locality.

I don’t think that there was any proposal to change these wards or the boroughs that they are in, so don’t see a change in that respect. This is about an MP’s constituency. As a resident who lives by this border, I find it frustrating that there is no channel to challenge Southwark council, for instance, on issues which impact Lewisham residents.

What is nice to see is that Dulwich (on the green map) is now nicely positioned in the middle of what we used to call Forest Hill. That’s a 20% increase in house prices for all the lucky home owners in the area!

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