Bovill Road newbuild

Just over the road, but completely slipped under my radar:

Curious, boxy little place.

We already have a topic about new builds on Bovill Road :wink:
Just in case it slipped under your radar too.

Different houses. By contrast, those are wonderful - in-keeping with the style and up-lifting to local house prices.

Same road though, no?
I am sure you are pleased to see the local area house prices climbing, as are our family too, but two threads for the same road?

Even the thread topic is near on the same.

What on earth. Where are these being built? There’s no other space on bovill is there?

I think this must be behind the other new build houses?

There were plans to use the old MOT bay/pit on the Rodney garage site, could this be it?

Yes must be behind the other houses.
What are everyone’s thoughts? I like the style and maybe a stupid question but with the garage being there previously did they have to make sure the ground isn’t contaminated with oil etc.?

Go to and search for reference DC/16/97412.

Thanks! I will have a look. I am no expert in these things though :slight_smile: