Box hedge dead

Hi folks

Earlier in the year I posted that my mum’s box hedge had been massively infested by caterpillar. Seemingly, loads of people had this problem. They virtually destroyed it, but it was picking up and only last week was starting to look quite green again. However, within just 72 hours, it looks like it’s completely died again. Despite watering it, I think the drought has got it. I Googled box hedges and they’re supposed to be extremely drought resistant…but maybe it was just too weakened???. Is anyone an expert out there and can shed some light? Do you think it’s a goner? or could it be like the grass everywhere…i.e. looking crisp 'n dry but will resurrect once we get some rain?

This heat effects lots of plants and hedges. Ours looks dead but will spring back to life with decent rain, hopefully.

You should be okay. I once had a box hedge which prior to my ownership had grown out of proportion. I hard cut it back so that hardly a leaf was left. It took a while but it great back nicely. And shaped.