Boy Asking for Sponsorship

I could be completely wrong about this, but there is a boy who I have seen looking for sponsorship outside Sainsbury’s for a run he’s going to do. When I spoke to him, he asked for payment immediately and then got annoyed/cagey when I suggested paying him after the event. My partner says he has been going door to door. He seemed to be offering no other details e.g. a school or club organiser.

Anyone know anything?

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Both my daughter and I have been approached by him recently. Me tonight outside Charcoal Grill (excellent chicken shish btw) on Brockley Road when he was asking anyone and everyone. His form was somewhat limp and crumpled and had the NSPCC logo at the top. Declined to sponsor as I’d remembered this thread. Anyone know if he is genuine?

I’ve come across this in Bromley, outside a shop, and in Beckenham, on the street. When I spoke to him in Beckenham he was a young man, rather than a child, with an Irish accent, apparently doing a sponsored run to raise money to join a boxing club. Obviously I was not born yesterday…

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I wouldn’t sponsor someone on the doorstep (unless it was a friend/relative etc) let alone in the street. As @AliCatford said I’m wasn’t born yesterday either!
It’s seems to be quite common for people to just stand in the street asking for money. There was a man outside Sainsbury’s (Honor Oak) last week doing just that!

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Warning! This boy seems to be doing the rounds again. He ran into our block of flats on Sunderland Road while our cleaner had the front door open about 3pm and knocked on a couple of our doors until I asked him to leave the building. He’s wearing a blue and white tracksuit today, still has a crumpled NSPCC sponsorship form and still claiming to be from Forest Hill school! . I’ve reported it to 101.


Just had him call to us on Sunderland Road. Crumpled NSPCC form. White baseball cap. Will report to 101.

Same kid stopped me on the street just outside the Polish deli around there on Monday afternoon.

He asked me outside the swimming baths last week. I think he’s running 5km? I declined and he didn’t even say thank you for my time. No manners! Happened in Kennington when I lived up that way.

He obviously doesn’t realise that with sponsorship you only collect monies once you’ve done the activity, not before :joy:

With all of the walking around he seems to have done he potentially could have raised a decent amount legitimately.


Exactly! How about we hold him to account and sponsor him to run a 5k for NSPCC? Looks like he could do with a wee jog tbh

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He’s now working the trains apparently This definitely sounds like the one I encountered in Beckenham months and months ago

The police have not caught up with him yet then? He could have someone putting him up for this couldn’t he? Child protection issue?

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Just spotted on the East Dulwich Forum (I used to live there, moved for FH about a year ago) that this same boy has been pushing for ‘sponsorship’ outside the Picturehouse Cinema, with same routine (doing a run, taking names and money etc) over the past few weeks. So guess there still hasn’t been any intervention

Pity the East Dulwich police station isn’t still open isn’t it? Although of course he wouldn’t be there would he if it was :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Surely the police have some idea of his comings & goings by now…

Dark. If he’s been doing it that long you’d suspect his parents/guardians might be, or at least don’t care. Really sad

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Oh yes, very sad, as I said in an earlier posting, it is a safeguarding issue as well.