Boys loitering around the area

Noticing groups of young men again hanging about the area especially private areas. Up to something or just always meeting even noticed new faces. I can’t really say what they are actually doing and maybe nothing. At all but they seem aware they shouldn’t be here or there that they not supposed to but push there luck a little. Either way It is quite intimidating and making some residents nervous and wary of such behaviour and random patterns. Please be aware and alert hotspots be Honor Oak Park high street and side roads And back of areas for gathering. It’s not normal put it that ways sorry not trying to be rude or offensive here or putting down anyone. Just addressing something that makes some feel uncomfortable and becoming a bit strange.


Sounds a bit of a worry. Where are they and how many are you talking about ?

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Sometimes 3 then another time 4 varies not sure if they know each other from last lot. But always groups seen 6 together before depends?? Some have said they be on bikes or scooters some just walk or meet mates in cars. Never same lot random varies. Smoking not your normal smelling smoke a couple of them are regulars harmless and maybe these others are but never seen together or in area before strange and hope not encouraging??

‘not your normal smelling smoke’ well… thats pretty normal round these parts these days.


Why do you find them intimidating?

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Guidance from the Met Police:


When I go to visit a friend or they go out… whatever time or day from there place of home no one should feel unsure or suddenly uncomfortable.
Same time no one should judge or assume. Private areas are private and does makes it a little challenging to address a group of people on your own especially if someone does feel intimidated.
And who wants trouble anyhow no one, it also caught my eye has well hence why I have addressed it best I could without sounding stupid and silly… still hard to do but hey I am not perfect myself.
What also gets me and others is the rubbish left behind or dumped. It’s the attitude of whatever after Same goes for parks and beaches etc. I do get there is nowhere to go due to go and being restricted due to virus not that some people even care about it anyways.
By the way I am not trying to be a Karen so no offence to any good ones out there just looking out for my neighbours and sharing to be aware.
Why waste valuable Police time they have enough to deal with.
This doesn’t need to be a negative discussion wasn’t intended that way anyhow.
So much Is going on all the time it can be overwhelming and sometimes some people may not take notice. I do however appreciate feedback about anything I post this means a lot.
Everyone deserves to feel safe and comfortable not everyone is mindful sadly.


Thank you kindly have a good day :blush: