Brazen Car contents theft attempt

I am new to this forum, but just wanted to let people know that in the early hours of 1.20am Saturday, a man driving past my house on St Germans Road, stopped parked his car and walked brazenly onto my drive and opened the door of my car (which I had forgotten to lock, due to be laden with bags for our it’s Friday BBQ) he can be seen rummaging around in the glove box, side of the doors and storage space under the drivers arm rest.
I only knew this had happened because when I went to my car on my way out on Saturday, I found my car door not closed properly and my glove box door down. I called my husband and asked him to look back on our CCTV and this is what we saw. I just want to raise awareness as this has been the 3rd time something like this has happened to us plus a double motorbike theft a couple of years ago. It just seem weird that someone has struck lucky 3 times on the very rare occasions that either me or my husband have forgotten to lock our cars.

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