Bread making advice please

Not a sourdough question, hence my posting separately …

Does anyone know what the result would be of adding Vit C to rye flour? It’s a light rye and I have a (small) amount of strong white flour I could add to it, but would rather not as I’m eeking out my supplies.

I would very strong recommend not doing that. Vitamin C is actually ascorbic acid so it may affect the ph level of the dough meaning that the yeast doesn’t function well and the dough won’t rise properly. Also, it may give resultant bread a sour taste.

Finally, vitamin C is destroyed by heating to well below the baking temperature so it would likely be pointless if you are looking to make the bread ‘healthier’.

However, if you do it anyway, let me know how it tastes!


Thanks Andy.

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In our breadmaker cookbook, on pure wholemeal loaves, additional Vitamin C powder is recommended. It makes a difference to the rise, as I tried to bake a wholemeal loaf without it once, and it was a flop. I have no idea what the impact would be on a rye loaf.


I usually add half a teaspoon when using strong white flour. It is added to make the dough lighter and more elastic, and the acidity helps the yeast to thrive during the process. A 100 % rye bread will always be very dense though.

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This was the article that convinced me to use vitamin C in breadmaking.


I must admit I read the original post wrong and though that OP wanted to sub Vit C for White Flour as opposed to just adding half a teaspoon!

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Thanks everyone. I didn’t use the Rye flour after all, as I thought it too much of a gamble given I need a quicker loaf today and have such a small amount of strong white flour to mix with it that I didn’t want to take the risk of wasting it. So I’ve just gone for a basic small 100% wholemeal and added a rather nervous quarter of a teaspoon of Doves Vit C powder. It’s sitting with its plastic bag on and rising well!

First time I’ve ever used Vit C!

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Sorry Nick. My original post was badly written.

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So I did it Andy! My first tryout I just did a really plain wholemeal with about a quarter of a teaspoon of Doves Vit C powder. I can’t say I noticed much difference in the rise and as I usually chuck in all other sorts of bits and bobs to my bread it seemed a bit boring really. No bitterness though and not unpleasant. Just a bit bland.

Then yesterday I did a 50/50 mix of rye and strong Canadian white flour. I used half a teaspoon of Vit C. My usual amount of yeast and sugar in warm water. But with much more warm water on the mix up as it was really thirsty. I added a generous amount of black treacle, a dollop of olive oil and a generous handful each of raisins and sultanas. As a last minute spur of the moment impulse I added a good helping of mincemeat (the Christmas sort!) I let it prove overnight and baked it this morning.

I know it sounds a mess, but it was delish. There’s not a huge amount left.

I think the Vit C did give it a bit of help with lift while still leaving it nice and chewy.

That’s sounds delicious! Anyone for a bakers corner photo thread?


Sadly my bread is never a thing of beauty.

Out of interest, where are you able to buy yeast. Our stock is slowly running out so interested to see if we can get some more elsewhere. Not to worry if not we can seem to buy bread again. However, would rather bake.

I had some frozen fresh yeast so what I have done is to thaw it and then feed it up with some flour. Once it got going I split it into about 4 portions. I made bread from one and froze the other three with the intention of keeping that process going. So if you have a packet of yeast I don’t see why you couldn’t do the same. If you don’t have any then you are welcome to get one of my frozen bits - it is a bit of an experiment but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Just keep feeding to liven it up and freezing or even just putting in the fridge - like what we would do with sourdough but with modern yeast!


Interesting- will give it a go. Thank you :pray:

You could also try making soda bread, which doesn’t require yeast, just bicarbonate of soda. I’ve only ever made it when I’ve got buttermilk but I’ve read that you can make up an alternative using milk, a little lemon juice and (I think maybe) cream of tartar. There will be lots of recipes online. It’s really quick to make too.

Ah thank you that’s so helpful. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here’s my go to recipe for soda bread. As mentioned above if there’s no buttermilk in the shop you’ll have to find a workaround.

Can’t get any sort of flours baking soda stuff it’s been a month already. But loving the info given cheers!!

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Appears to have bread flour but the site keeps crashing for me - it must be under massive load.
Delivery is current 8 days but they do appear to have some stock.