Bread-making from a packet?

Hello, Has anyone had any success making a loaf of bread using a bread mix from a packet ?

I have seen peps on here making bread using yeast and flour, but i am no cook so can only

imagine it will end up a disaster? Besides i haven’t any yeast. So i picked up a 500g of Wrights

Premium White Bread Mix, Has anyone tried it with any success ? Just follow the instruction on

the bag or any tips ? Thanks.

I have not tried that, but I am sure it will be fine. Follow the instructions and let us know how it goes

I have used them in occasion. They are perfectly fine, easy to use ad nicer than supermarket bread.

I’ve done them in the past. Found them totally fine! Not quite proper fresh bread but better than stale shop bought!

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I’ve used them - very happy with the result. Do you mind saying what shop you found this in? Thanks, and good luck!