Break in building work

Gd mng sorry did anyone who lives around Sunderland road hear noise or see anything as the building work opposite Sunderland road was broken into and the tools all knicked

Hi Maggie

Which part of Sunderland Road is the building work that was burgled?

The end by standstead road where the shops are

Is this the building work going on where the restaurant used to be? Also, do you know when the break in might have happened?

No not the it’s near the green building with all the plants outside on the corner It happened sometime last night

Ah, okay… thanks for the further information. There are a few different building works on Sunderland Road. Didn’t hear anything last night, unfortunately. We live further down the road so wouldn’t have heard anything, I don’t think. However, that works is on the main road, so unless they broke in from the rear, hopefully someone might have spotted something on the mainroad.

Hi the building is on the main road they cut the lock n got in that’s why i am asking if anyone live down this end did they see or hear anything

I don’t live in that area but maybe one of the shops caught something on cctv?

There are tfl cameras but I’m not sure ant cover that area.