Break in



Long time lurker, infrequent poster here. I just wanted to bring a couple of local crime incidents to everyone’s attention in the hope that it doesn’t happen to anyone else.

On Friday afternoon (between 1pm and 4pm) my flat was broken into. This was in the middle of the day, with people home in neighbouring flats and builders working opposite. There was an eye witness who said it was a couple, male and female, probably late 20s or early 30s. He was in an olive green jacket and she was in a blue and white stripy top. They banged aggressively on the front door shouting out a name (neither of our names) and then once they knew no one was going to answer, got into the garden and used a screwdriver to prise a locked window open, smashing it in the process.

Only expensive electrical items (and a purse with cash) were taken. Obviously just looking for things to sell on quickly that are less traceable - bank cards and passports were ignored.

We’re up on Blythe Hill, so the Catford border, but we have a SE23 postcode - promise! However, someone at work who lives near the Coop said they came home the other night to find their back door open (whilst one housemate was at home asleep). It may be nothing but we are now fairly certain that the odd noises we heard in the nights leading up to the attack weren’t the foxes but someone casing the joint and I suspect something similar may have happened at my friend’s property. Nothing was taken in this instance, maybe because they realised someone was home but if they now know they have a point of entry they might be back.

Sorry for the long post but just wanted to make people aware that properties in the area are being targeted so to stay alert and keep everything locked away and out of sight when possible.


@aliciamcb I am sorry to hear about your break in, they are never nice. Thank you for alerting us and for the descriptions. I hope the local police were able to assist you in some way.


Thank you! They were a little slow to turn up but were great past that point and managed to get some pretty decent evidence so we’ll see.


Fingers crossed.