Brew School at the Brockely Brewery

I have had a lovely day out at the Brockely Brewery today being schooled in the arts of all grain brewing. If there is one thing I like more than beer, it’s people who know their stuff and are passionate about it. Jon and Steve were great, friendly, knowledgeable and honest, and they are good teachers too. I’d really recommend it if you want to get started brewing beer and want to do more than a kit. Plenty of pop and tuck to keep the engine going too but I am not sure the “help yourself at the beer pumps” was the best idea! Hic!

This is not what it looks like!


Could be much worse - you may have fallen on hard times and not had the proverbial pot to p**s in.

The picture seems to confirm this is not the case.

And i believe this has Shakespearean roots.