Brightening Up Perry Vale

The railway wall on Perry Vale is not the most attractive part of Forest Hill. So the Forest Hill Society decided to do something about it and work with Rockbourne Youth Club and AeroArts to create new planters out of old tyres (kindly donated by A A Tyres & Wheels of Standstead Road).

More here.


Love it! Well done to all concerned.


This is really good Michael, excellent stuff.


Wheely lovely!
I’m sure we won’t tyre of looking at these beauties!

Seriously though, they’re really lovely and I’m sure we won’t tire of looking at these beauties!
A big thumbs-up and thanks from me to everyone who put the effort in to make them.


Love it!

Love these - any chance of more?!! The other side of the road is looking terribly dreary now, and Perry Vale is long…


It needs to be a fairly wide section of pavement to install these types of planters without causing an obstruction and without a risk of them getting knocked over by passing cars. On the other side of the road bus stops take a bit of a battering from passing cars.

But these tyre towers are an interesting test to see how they are received and how well they survive. Plants have been deliberately chosen that do not require lots of water or maintenance. So if these work well then perhaps local people would like to suggest other locations and even assist with the maintenance.

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Unfortunately someone has decided to pull all the petals off the plant in the middle planter but you can’t mitigate for mindless vandalism…

We had a few heavy downpours at the end of last week which could have caused it.
If not - Grrrrrr to the butt-munch who did this!

I had a look today on the way past. It does look like the bells were all pulled off that foxglove. Naturally they drop them gradually from the bottom up. This has been stripped.

If anybody wants to be really naughty, just stick some new flowers in when you go past. There is nothing more fun than a community standing up to vandalism by deliberate acts of un-vandalism!


Might throw some Cosmos in there. Good colourful hardy plant which reminds me of SA.


Cosmos are a great idea. Will last well into the Autumn too.


I remember when the Nathan Bowen art was up on one of the billboards. He’s a neighbour of ours. I saw some of his work down by Leicester Square just last Friday.

Talking of which, how long will it be before one of those billboards falls off the wall? If you look at the back of them from the station platform 2 above they are cobbled and bodged together and have been repaired from old bits of now rotting wood and nails. They do not look very safe at all.

Really cool. Well done!