Broadband providers Forest Hill


I’m moving to Elsnore road in a couple of weeks and i was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a good internet provider?

I need to have pretty speedy internet for work 60+mps, but i am sightly concerned that virgin isn’t offered in the area.

what is everyone elses experience?

thanks so much!

Hi! Welcome to the area. We’re on Elsinore and can’t get fibre, although both our neighbours can. It’s bonkers. I’m afraid I can’t be much help other than to say various people on the street have had issues with BT. We’re on orange I think but it’s not great when husband and I are both on video calls.

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thank you!

Ah thats mad!

thank you for the advise! :slight_smile:

Welcome to the area @crochetlady18!

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@crochetlady18 don’t believe the websites that say FTTP isn’t available. I am on FTTP with Plusnet and even their website tells me that I can’t get it!

Phone them up and say your neighbours on both sides have it. The below link shows all the locations that do (and you can even see my house on it!)

PS Would recommend against using Plusnet - they are cheap but you get the service you pay for when problems arise


Hi @crochetlady18 and (almost) welcome to Elsinore Road - it’s a lovely street. We do have BT fibre and all in all it’s been fine, very reliable - except since 26th August we have had no broadband at all! It’s been infuriating and we are waiting for OpenReach to fix it. The worst thing is the finger pointing between BT and OpenReach but if you’d asked me before all this I would have recommended it. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon…


I am surprised that Virgin isn’t available on Elsinore. We’re 6 streets away on Sunderland Road and have Virgin. We have 350MB download and it’s pretty consistent aside from the odd blip which happens with every provider. I think 500MB is also available in the area but you can only get that on their top package bundle. I did get an email a couple of weeks ago to say they have improved the network in my area so might be worth checking again to see if they now cover Elsinore. It’s also worth calling them as I find their inline checker doesn’t always tally with the actual services in the area.


Just looked on money supermarket’s broadband checker. Looks like only EE and BT offer fibre on Elsinore at the moment. :cry:

I don’t think Plusnet has a FTTP or ‘full fibre’ product

@Adrian Yes they do

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Doesn’t look like they do - just ‘superfast’. You rang them up to get it?!

Hi @John_Wilson thank you so much for this!

i’m gonna call them up because it does look like houses either side of the one i’m moving to have fibre, its so crazy!

Hi @MackemJo thank you!

oh thats so frustrating! hopefully it gets sorted soon! :crossed_fingers:

yup - takes a bit of effort

@crochetlady18 Getting fibre may depend on whether you’re moving into a house or a flat. When I queried with Open Reach why the house next door was able to have fibre but I’d been told I couldn’t have it in my flat they responded that they’d made a commercial decision not to include what they call MDU’s (multiple dwelling units ie flats!) in their fibre rollout for the Forest Hill exchange. :angry:

Interesting - I guess a function of being owned by BT and more operationally integrated with the parent company than before.

ooh interesting, im moving into a flat but there is an option on the openreach website that you can check fibre on your street and a fair amount of flats also have fibre so it may be worth getting in touch again

I live in a flat - the basic way is to not tell them until they turn up. As long as they can get easy access it isn’t an issue.
In my case I showed the guy the fibre could go out of the eves with zero drilling. FTTP doesn’t have divider boxes like normal phones (we have two flats with FTTP both with individual fibres from the road)

Thanks for the info John. Unfortunately I’m in a purpose built block of 5 flats which are listed separately on the Open Reach address records. And as we have a flat roof there are no eaves so I think they would have to drill into each property. But even if they need landlord permission for that it wouldn’t be an issue as each of us are equal shareholders in the company that owns the freehold!

Thanks for that - I check the Open Reach website quite regularly and all the flats I’ve checked in my road all show no for fibre!