Brockley By-Election: Lone Crusader, Andy Hughes (Conservative)

Seems this guy hasn’t been following what’s going on with the Millwall development

Hi Tim,

Thank you for your comment; I was aware in general terms of the plans for redeveloping the land around the Millwall ground, but not about the most recent developments highlighted in the detailed Guardian article, so thank you for flagging that up.

The questions raised in the article, concerning conflict of interests within the council, are exactly why I am putting myself forward as a candidate.

I don’t believe political organisations best serve the community when they are 98% dominated by one party, I believe we need people in the council asking difficult questions on a regular basis - not just when the media shines a spotlight on the issue.

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Nor do I, but I wonder how difficult and regular your questions will be if you’ve not been following what the Council’s official scrutiny committee is doing.

@TimLund - I suspect @andyhughes will be able to delve even deeper than Guardian journalists once he is inside the machine?

I doubt it very much. I suspect councillors from other parties get to hear very little of what goes on behind the scenes.

One of the last Lewisham Conservative councillors threw in the towel,

Grove Park Conservative councillor David Britton defects to Labour

and has since been re-elcted as a Labour councillor!