Brockley Rise arcade

Renovations taking place at the old chip shop, William Hill, Brockley News and Yardley’s. Any clue what may be coming in their places?

Exciting. Such a good location for so many people let’s hope it’s something good.

I walked past this morning and thought the same - no idea what is going in though, other than the new flats!

Would be great if most of those spaces get filled - we now have 195 Cafe, Pizzarte and the 2 music shops and whatever else is coming in - it could be quite a transformation over a few years.

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I’m also interested to know what is happening with what used to be Muck & Brass. Work started and a decked area was built outside. But the awning has since been removed, and it now seems like the deck is going to rot pretty quickly in this weather.

Quite a lot of activity in recent months. People will be aware of Sans Store, Pizzarte and the Caribbean restaurant.

Also, Whistles the hair salon has been renovated and there’s been some new flats built above them.

Current work being undertaken is the old chippy (not sure what they’re doing, but looks like half of it will give access to the upstairs flats, the old Yardley’s grocers is being renovated (builders were removing asbestos last week, again no idea what’s coming but I think they’rebuilding something upstairs), the old William Hill is having a lot of work (this may be the new art gallery) and finally, one of the music shops has less activity, but has been gutted.

Good to see a bit of work taking place.

Would love to know what’s coming as well as the old Topps Tiles on Stansted Road.


I noticed that - don’t remember it being open in any form in the 15 or 16 years we’ve lived here. I wonder if it’s just for work upstairs as there is scaffolding all up the building, or if there are any actual plans for the shop itself. Brockley Rise there near Dalmain and and the section near the Post Office have had quite a revival the last few years so those empty shops are probably more attractive now, despite the current lockdown.

You’re probably right. I hope they renovate it. It’s quite deep and would make a great nail bar :grin:

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The Lewisham Local Plan identifies the Jenner centre as being a possibly development site for 40 residential ‘units’ as well as smartening the site on three sides, so that little parade might actually get a fair bit of a boost if that were to happen…


Does the plan say what would happen to the doctors’ surgery if that work were to go ahead?

It says this on page 27 of 53 in the PDF:



Do you know if

re-provision of health facilities

means it will be provided within the development, or must be provided elsewhere? Am assuming if this did go ahead at some point Jenner would need to close during the works at least, and therefore might move completely, though I hope not as:

a) it’s near me!
b) it’s at the junction of quite a few bus routes (122, 171, 185) which cover a good local range.
c) it’s right next to a pharmacy which is handy.

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I can’t see how they can redevelop the whole site without the Jenner having to move elsewhere even if they say it’s only “temporarily”!

When I first moved to Forest Hill over 30 years ago and needed to register with a doctor the Jenner didn’t have a great reputation with any of my new neighbours and the Vale didn’t exist so on their recommendation I registered with Perry Hill Surgery which was in the large detached house that is now Grace’s Day Nursery opposite the Houston Road junction (I was younger and fitter then so thought nothing of the 15-20 minute walk from Sunderland Road!). However quite a few years later the surgery advised they were having to relocate and would be moving into a brand new medical centre that was being included in the St Georges Church development on Woolstone Road. However as a temporary measure the surgery was moved to a portacabin in the grounds of Livesey Memorial Hall! This was ok but could be a bit chilly in the winter but if I remember rightly it took 7 years for the permanent surgery to be ready and become what is now Woolstone Medical Centre.


I’ve twice been a patient at a doctor’s surgery where redevelopment had happened. In both cases we ended up with a vastly superior surgery. Here’s hoping for the same.


Now above the old chippy with a new glass door.


That’s exciting! Looks like it took a while, almost 2 years and still not done, but that parade is really coming along.

Their website is here:


And 30 years later it’s still terrible. Though not as bad as the chemist next. Incompetent twits the lot of them!