Brockley Rise shop closures



I note the coffee shop on the corner of Stansted Road/Brockley Rise has been closed for a good 3 or 4 weeks now. Added to this, the motorbike shop closed six months ago, Brockley News (a store that had little stock in its final six months is closed), I also see little sign of the planning permission mentioned on this site of a pizza place opening. The chippy closed opposite the Honor Oak pub too.

It’s all very tired and sadly a reflection of a tough time for retailers. There is a great deal of footfall but little parking space which means something like Tesco or Sainsburys seem unlikely. Perhaps it will inevitably turn into residential properties.

Naturally there’s a need to sell a service that people want but very noticeable of a lack of retail offerings without walking to FH or HOP.


Didn’t see this thread at the time but was just about to post something similar - the BrockStead parade is in dire need of livening up, unless you’re a musician, and the loss of Royal Fish Bar is a huge blow to the area - best chippy for miles around. Hopefully the new pizza place on the corner will do enough to keep it going.


I read earlier that 18p in every £1 is spent online, so change is inevitable. Residential space encroaching on retail is inevitable. However, it does make the shopping areas here, around Topps Tiles and further around the corner on Stansted Road all look a bit tired and in need of a bit love as it makes the area look somewhat insalubrious.


it’s really bad along south circular at the minute as well with the banks/fx shop, the Aladdin’s cave shop going, and through to Perry vale side where it’s a bit sad looking. Not sure how to fix it as it’s not just a local or even London thing


The only chippy I use (on the odd occasion I do) is this one as he cooks everything fresh, never minded waiting as I knew it was never reheated like some.

Very sad to see him go :frowning:


Yes pretty grim really. Brockley has livened up of late with new restaurant openings, FH has a bit of a spark, Catford has woken up, although not short of retail, and Honor Oak Park Road has some interesting shops. But this area between all these aforementioned locales is mostly just a dull thoroughfare


I had a look into the new pizza place this morning and it looks like it will be👌