BT fibre Internet outage? (Como Road)

Last Monday 12th April around 1pm my bt fibre dropped. I have fibre to telegraph pole then to home on como Road.

Open reach confirmed issue not at my house on Thursday
Friday BT said application made to council as they need to divirt traffic to fix the issue.

I’m supposed to get another update today.

Is anyone else affected? I assume if they need to dig up the road there must be others with the outage. Just wondering does anyone else have any info / etas

If it’s any consolation, you should be eligible for automatic compensation of £8 per calendar day, starting two working days after the fault started. BT generally add this automatically, but worth checking.

The scheme is detailed here:

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Hello! Yes our fibre is down in Grierson Road and similar reason has been given. Has yours returned yet??

No! Been down since 12th April. Told they need to dig up to increase the box size… No idea.

They told me 3 weeks ago the dig would be today (13 may) and then fibre to house the day after.

But my weekly customer service call on Friday there said they’d know more on Mon 17th and call me then. When I said I’ve been told for weeks it would be fixed on Fri 14th.

I’ve noticed recent work on como Road although not sure if that’s what originally cut me off or if that’s an attempted fix or a coinsidance.

I’m not sure if our issue is related as you are a bit away from me and I think if it was all of forest Hill / honor Oak there would be more people on this thread.

I’ll update you anyway when I hear more…

I would of thought more people would be on here as well? Know of 4 people on our road and told it is a major outage in the forest hill area. We are also due an update on Monday- although I get a different answer Everytime…I am not holding out much hope.
Yes please to keeping updated. .thanks

So it’s been down a month?!? How are you surviving?

I’m in that area with FTTP which is still working fine - though mine is underground. Maybe it’s a really specific fault to Como Road or your pole? Also if it is an OpenReach fault, that would hit a few providers, not just BT…

Edit: Just been past the bottom of Como and there’s an Openreach Engineer setting up a tent…


Thanks for that. Good to see they are doing something!
They sent a 4g mini hub which is just about fine for remoting from home for one user.

It seems to overheat / stop itself if you try to stream or download anything decent though. Been very painful!

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No BT fibre here for about 3 weeks now, we’re on Grierson road.

We found that the mini hub always breaks when watching bbc. You get about 5 minutes and then the thing shuts down. Same happens when listening to bbc radio (although maybe after about 30 mins).

Seems to be a common problem:

Works ok on everything else.

Yes. My mini hub gets very hot if you stream or download and just stops working for 5 mins.
I thought it was overheating and I even tried to put it on a baking tray with ice cubes under it as a bit of a heat sink. Which kept it cool but it still stopped

I think it has a built in stop if you download too much in a time frame it just stops but BT deny it.

There were a couple of open reach vans digging one end of como Road yesterday and at a cabinet on the other end. Which was the date the originally gave me back in April and they then said usually the cabling is done the day after the dig so I’m hopeful they sort me out today…

Does the mini-hub have a SIM card in it? If so you might be able to either try it in a different mobile hub/router or use a tethered mobile phone - assuming it’s not being limited at the network end.

I do hope BT don’t suggest that the mini-hub removes their need to provide automatic compensation.

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Well on the day they said it would be fixed it has been fixed. Working again now! But was out for 32 days in total
Hopefully rest of you sorted soon!


Great to hear!

I’d be interested to know if you get £256 credited to your account as automatic compensation. I think they calculate it after 15 days or so…

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According to ofcom, the compensation begins two days after the fault and is £8.06 a day until the fault is fully fixed.

We are still waiting to be reconnected. Interestingly, ours began on 11th April.

Have faith. I just got my daughter £336 rebate from Virgin without a quibble. That’s 42 days.

Perhaps one day it will persuade them to provide a reliable service and customer service fit for purpose.

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In more complete madness, a colleague of mine recently got £730 from BT for a 5 month delay in getting their service moved from PlusNet FTTP to BT FTTP - something which should really have been simple and straightforward owing to the fact that PlusNet and BT are part of the same group… Apparently the Broadband was about 50 days late activating, and the digital voice was something like another 100-days on top of that. And BT didn’t quibble, just credited the account…


Would your colleague have been willing to pay 730 to avoid the delay?

Ha - I did ask similar. Apparently the old (slower) broadband kept running for the most part until switchover so it wasn’t a complete disaster. The telephone was apparently inconvenient, though they joked they’d prefer £5 a day compensation rather than paying for the line rental!

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We’ve been down since the end of April (live on Elsinore Road). No sign of anything getting closer to being fixed as far as I can tell. Very infuriating, the mini hub completely falls over on video calls etc - not ideal when working from home!

Anybody had any luck getting back up and running?

Still down here on Grierson road since 14th April. No sign of anything changing, apparently we will get an update next week, but the people that call you from BT are just reading out whatever notes Openreach have left, which is often very minimal.

The first engineer that came round said that there was an issue all around Forest Hill with legacy cabling/equipment being used (couldn’t quite remember the full details). He said it would probably be over a month before it was fixed (and lo and behold he was right).

We signed up to BT Halo (as soon as our internet went down), which was an extra £4 a month. Was a bit reluctant to pay extra for their fault, but it means you get unlimited data on your BT phone (as part of their “Broadband backup” feature). Apparently we we still get the £8-a-day compensation, so we should be covered for the extra cost.

We’ve been tethering from our phones for work, which is as-quick as the fibre line was. We use the mini hub for other wifi devices like our Nest thermostat and speakers etc. Occasionally we use the mini hub to stream to our TV, but never ever BBC! Works fine with Netflix, Now tv, etc.


I did look into putting the sim card from the mini-hub into another router. But it would mean buying a “mifi router” (ie. one that could take a sim card), which I think are at least £60 or so.