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Could anyone recommend a builder who has done them a good job for a fair price? I would like a wall knocked through from the front room to backroom, with associated electricity and plumbing issues solved… so far the options from more national sites have not been encouraging (and a bit dismissive of such a “small job.”)

Thank you!


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Richard May (RM Building) did a cracking job of our ground floor extension. He was friendly, efficient, and used good subcontractors.

If you’d like to pop round and see his work first-hand, do get in touch.

He’s very busy, but it’s worth getting in touch as he prefers to do local jobs.


We knocked through a few months ago and used Tom Richardson, he’s a local guy and we were very happy with the work that he did. 07956027444. Good luck!


I can second Tom, he’s done work for me in the past & I always recommend him. Him & his family are also friends.


Thanks Pauline, Chris and BM - I will report back on how I get on!

(apologies for the delay in replying - not ungrateful, just away!)


Hi we are looking for recommendations for a builder/workman to dismantle an old built in cupboard and also remove old broken floor tiles and re-skim the concrete floor once that is done.



Hi @HannahM. I have moved your post into the existing topic we have for builder recommendations. Hopefully you’ll find some useful info in here.


Great thanks!


Funds permitting, we have a possible job coming up which will involve replacing an old, glazed kitchen extension with Crittal (style) glass, replacing kitchen ceiling skylights, moving lights/ gas radiator, with some replastering and decorating to boot. Inevitably the sky is not the limit as far as the budget is concerned! Richard May sounds good as does Tom. Are there any other recommended people, as I’d like to get 3 quotes for the job, and find a team who understand our ideas and can make it happen…
Thanks guys and a good evening to you all.


I’m hoping to move my kitchen into my living room (although to an inside wall which might make it trickier) and take the opportunity (while there’s huge upheaval) to redo the wiring, boiler and heating and potentially even replace the bathroom.

Does anyone have any other recommendations for someone who could help advise and do all of it? I’m guessing that both Richard and Tom should be able to so will definitely contact them.


We just used an excellent local builder Pat O’Neil to put in a kitchen, some bi-fold doors (whole house needed supporting) and a bathroom. Feel free to PM me for his number and I can send some pics. Never been happier with a job before.


Can you please give me your builder’s number. Not sure how to PM! Thanks Sarah


Can I recommend DeMa Construction? They did a great job with our basement, working alongside dampproofers. I would use them again.


I’ve recommended Atanas before specifically for bathroom installation. I’ve had his team back now to do a pile of jobs around the house, including fixing some of the dodgy aspects of the kitchen installation (done by a different company), painting, new skirting boards, new shelves, new lights and the like.

As with last time, his price was competitive and his crew are hard-working, polite and tidy. They get booked up pretty quickly, but as his team works 6 days a week they tend to be able to fit less substantial projects like mine in easily.


Hi Clausy, unsure how to PM too - could you share Pat’s number? Do you know if he has a link to chectrade or one of those sites too?



Hi Chris, the link to checkatrade doesn’t appear to be working. Do you have any other contact details for Richard May? Many thanks


Hi @KatM - I have an email address:


Hi I’m Helen from RM Building. We are not on Check-a-trade anymore but we do have a new website. The address is if you would like to visit.

Thanks for passing on the the email Chris. We can still be reached at that address too.

Many thanks.


Thanks Chris and Helen, I will get in touch tomorrow!