Builder / home renovation recommendations

Dear BMSE23

We are looking to get a builder to knock out kitchen wall and also W.C. into the bathroom whilst still living in the property are able to recommend the builder you used and how was your experience and have you any photos of the before and after.


Hi Vilma

I’m in the middle of having a new bathroom fitted at the moment and the guys I’m using are really good, they also do knock throughs, extensions etc. Will dig out their number and send to you tomorrow.


Hi Ben,

Thank you very much for your speedy response. I would very much welcome and appreciate your recommendations we are also looking for a builder to offer any design ideas to knock through bathrooms. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you!


Hi Vilma,

Mark from HFGA Developments. 07517465639

Good luck!

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Hi Ben


Very much appreciated.

Lovely day to you


Hi BingBong,

We are looking for a recommendation for a builder to provide us with a quote regarding our property renovation. Did you find anyone to carry out your building work or have you had any recommendations that you are able to share.
Would be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

Hi classy,

We are currently looking for a builder to carry out some renovation work on our property. Are you able pm some more details about the builder that you used to carry out your building work, with his contact details. Would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks!

We are in the process of proceeding with a similar project your recommendation would be appreciated.

Hello! I just wondered how you got on with this and who you ended up using? I’ve had months of getting absolutely nowhere with builders :-/ Any recent recommendations would be wonderful! Thank you

Hi everyone,

I have an issue with some damp re appearing in my spare room, not because the damp proofing has failed, but because there is an external wall meeting my flat which is damaged. Hence, it is absorbing water which then finds its way into my property. Cement is cracked and the wall needs to be treated etc.

Anyway, Chris kindly led me to this thread and I have emailed RM building. But does anyone else have a builder they can recommend to get a second quote?

Many thanks,

Give Michael Gardner a call on 07722526112.

Great, thank you. I assume he’s done work for you in the past?

Yep, will PM you some pics.