Building flats in Valentine court

So I remember a couple of month ago, Lewisham council came round door to door asking opinion on new flats.
Everyone I have talked to has agreed that it would be a ridiculous idea and would cause more issues than we already have.
Just seen this morning the containers and portaloos and that they are going ahead with it.
Does anyone know if there’s anything we can do about this?
If you know valentine court you know there’s only small patches of green. It’s absolutely ridiculous to loose our only green and trees for more flats. :v:t2:

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The containers have been on the site for over a year and are not related to building more homes, but are for a number of projects off-site. Those are due to be removed within the next 6 months.

The infill development project is still within the initial stages, and no formal planning permission has been submitted. They are planning to do that around May of this year last I was told, and we had a call with them late last year about the project. They want to demolish the caretakers building and the disused laundry building, as well as build on the green spaces. There are already 112 flats here and they’re looking to build 50 more, so that’s a 45% increase - which we think is ridiculous.

I uploaded a recording of the Zoom call to the Valentine Court Residents group on Facebook, and you’re welcome to join the conversation there as well. Anyone in the local area is welcome to!

They have also set-up a Commonplace site for the project:


Building for Lewisham have now published their initial proposals of the infill development at Valentine Court. These can be accessed here.

A survey to submit any feedback can be accessed here and is open to all local residents.

There are more details available on the Commonplace website here along with virtual events to sign up to.


Lewisham Homes ran their first public consultation virtual session tonight. Another session is being run on Tuesday 20th April at 6PM - you can register here.

They answered a number of questions about the current plans and the overall development.

Key points:

  • Expected to be 45 new homes across the 4 blocks

  • A light survey has been conducted against the current plans and they meet the ‘standards’. This is relevant to other blocks within the estate and other nearby homes on Gaynesford Road and Roundhay Close.

  • A pelican crossing is expected to be added on Perry Vale between the 2 sides of the estate

  • Parking conditions on the estate will change to parking permits which you will need to apply for and be priority assessed

  • Electric charging points will be added, as they are a legal requirement

  • Loss of ‘around’ 8 trees but they suggested they will replant them, and more, for a net gain of trees on the estate

  • The landscaping and playground will be discussed on a call tomorrow (13th April at 6PM), which you need to register for here.

  • Development from start to finish will be about 2 to 2.5 years

  • Laundry building and caretakers office will be demolished regardless of planning consent to the infill development

  • They suggested this was not a ‘done deal’ and the proposals will be adjusted based on feedback - so it is important you give it!