Building Works at old Santander Forest Hill

I’ve seen builders working inside the old Santander over the last few days. Not sure what’s going to replace it. Any ideas??

Some idiot has made a mess on the outside with purple paint and done a bit of the same to part of Canvas and Cream frontage.


Looks like things are happening at this site again, from the weekend:

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It’s going to be an estate agent for estate agents. It will help estate agents find unused high street lots where they can open up another branch.


I think you are wrong. It’s a nail bar training centre :grin:


Hairdressers obviously :crazy_face::crazy_face:

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Maybe Argos maybe not, Juice Bar or a cake shop the excitement keeps us wondering. But whatever it is I hope it isn’t another pizza place lol

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I think I read somewhere that it is going to be a vegan restaurant on two floors.


It’s definitely going to be a vegan restaurant .

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Ah yes - it’s rumoured to be The Guava Kitchen, from the other thread here - “Guava Kitchen” on former Santander site

Continues: The Guava Kitchen Opens tomorrow!