Burglar alarm Dartmouth Road



A burglar alarm has been going off since 11:30 last night on Dartmouth road… have reported it to 101 but they say they can’t do anything. It looks like it’s coming from Sylvan Post but no one has come out to check on things so I sincerely hope they haven’t actually been burgled!

I live opposite and quite like my sleep, so very grumpy this morning.


If an alarm is coming from a business, there will sometimes be a sign displaying the emergency contact number for whatever alarm company they use. I had to call the security company used by Forest Hill School in the wee hours several times when they had a faulty alarm, Someone came out within the hour each time to turn off the alarm.


The alarm system at The Hill has been going off quite a lot since it closed.

I have noticed this at all times of day and night.

The premises is owned by “Enterprise Inns”.

Could it be there?


Seems this has happened again?


It’s the Hill. Heard it when passing today.


Driving me up the pigging wall. I called enviromental health services today and was told they had called the brewery who now owns it and they were sending someone down to sort it out. Still going off. I am calling the brewery myself tomo and going to insist on getting a keyholders direct number. Really effing grumpy


I was walking hame up Dratmoth at 1030 last night and it was the Hill’s alarm. There was a policeman and car outside.


It’s still going!


Does Enterprise Inn’s have a Twitter account? If they do most companies really don’t like adverse publicity. Just saying :wink:


I have contacted EI, the brewery. They have been very helpful and massively apologetic but are having huge issues with the door! They have promised it will be sorted tomo (Thurs)


Sorted. BT men were there today.