Burglaries in Como and Cranston Road

…and when you do report it, the police do less than nothing about it.


On what basis do you believe that?

…when i was burgled and they did nothing. not even a cursory call back or a visit.

A few years back we got done at night and got a very good response. I know mileage may differ but we had a fingerprint guy come round as well as an officer to take a statement.
The a couple of years ago the empty place near us got done - alarms went off, we called the police and we went in as a neighbour had a key. The old bill promptly turned up and thought we were the burglars so we had to take them back to mine prove I was a local!


Unfortunately i think your opening few words are true…A few years ago…it certainly appears from comments on all the local forums that your lucky if you get any response from the police now days.
Seems a crime number and get on with it yourself? I see there now saying CCTV is even a deterrent. Sad times.

I called the police when I noticed our neighbours on Como road had been burgled. In fairness to them they came immediately; possibly because of the other recent burglaries in the area but a quick response nonetheless. Interestingly the advice given was to consider cctv (linked to another topic).

There was a proposal for the police to not come out for burglaries anymore. I don’t think it ever officially went through, but that’s the state of things right now.

Many years ago when my grandmother heard a burglar trying to break in two detectives came immediately from Sydenham Police Station. That was back in the days when we had a Sydenham Police Station.

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When was that? I find that quite surprising given residential burglary had become a top priority for the Met not that long ago. I interrupted two guys about to burgle my property at 10am a few years back and was impressed by just how seriously it was taken. All depends on available resources, I guess.

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