Burglars force their way into Alex charity shop stealing hundreds of pounds

London News Online reports sad news about the Aldlife charity shop on Dartmouth Road:

The intruders are believed to have forced their way into the Forest Hill branch of Alex, the Leukodystrophy Charity, through a window that was locked from the inside.

They managed to dislodge the lock, then tore out the handle used to chain the safe to the wall.

The thieves then hauled the safe – weighing around 20kg, about the same as a five-year-old child – back out through the same window.

Police were called to the shop in Forest Hill at 10.10am on Tuesday, November 5.

Officers found no forensic evidence at the scene but footprints were left on the windowsill.

A Met spokesman said: “It is believed entry was gained at some point between 6:.30pm on Monday, November 5 and 9.30am the following day.

“A search was carried out and a quantity of cash was found to have been stolen.

“No arrests have been made.”

What a shame - burgling a charity shop - what to say?

I’ve always liked this one as it’s far more affordable than the other charity shops in FH in terms of their pricing, and it’s the one I always take our no longer needed bits to. Hoping to have a pre-Christmas clear out so will try and try some more stuff to them.


Utter scum. Always take my stuff there as it’s such a good cause. But wonder how they knew there was a safe that had a decent amount in it?

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