Hi All,

Just a warning to others that we had an attempted burglary today sometime between 9am and just before 2pm. The burglars have cracked our window frames where they have used something to try and lever our back windows open (they tried both sets of windows). Our windows were locked but on a ventilation lock so were slightly ajar. Make sure that you are locking your windows fully in the hot weather, so thankful we had a lucky escape



Wow @smwhee so sorry to hear that, but glad it was only attempted. Do you mind me asking what street or locale just for reference for others.

Hope you shake the horrible feeling this leaves you with soon.


Thanks @snazy, its not a nice feeling, but could have been much worse. We are on Wood Vale. Seems to be a bit of a hotspot the last couple of months for burglary/theft apparently.


It does indeed. Years back when we had a bay window at the back of the kitchen we heard a noise, looked out of the bedroom window to see the kitchen illuminated by the fridge light. Burglar making himself a sandwich!

Even knowing someone tried is very personal, and your personal space feels violated.

But at least you can act to prevent now.
Hopefully your SNT can offer some advice on current trends and ways to protect.

Thanks again for sharing this information, always hits home harder when it’s a person warning, not just a local campaign…


Just a note to say that we’ve finally got ourselves sorted after our attempted burglary two weeks ago. Replacement frames ordered and a new alarm installed. if anyone needs a recommendation for our alarm company, send me a message and I will forward you their details. Also praise to the local police for providing us security tips. Hopefully we’ve secured our house enough to encourage criminals to move on elsewhere!


Fantastic news, I hope the new measures have helped you feel a little more secure.
The police can really do a great job at times, so it is nice to see them receiving some positive feedback.Well done @ForestHillSNT if it was indeed your patch.

Thank you for the update :slight_smile:


Hi I would love to hear any security company suggestions as I’m currently looking into this for myself as new to area.


As I live on my own in a rented property, I had to get creative. I do love my gadgets so I have a combination of products.

I use Samsung Smartthings home automation, sensors and monitors are all wireless. Combination of motion sensors and contact/vibration sensors you can use on doors and windows. You can also get moisture and presence sensors.

I then have Philips Hue wireless LED bulbs. I also have Netgear Arlo wireless security camera, which is full colour and also IR at night. These have benefit of being able to be used outdoors also.

These are all connected through the Smartthings app. If I’m not at home and someone’s fiddling with my window, lights will come on. (also great for if on holiday as you can remotely switch lights on and off). if someone actually enters detected either through front door opening or motion sensors, the camera will start recording and alert me straight away.

I only went this way as I can’t permanently install anything, but I think gives greater choice of combination of sensors as you can keep adding more if you need to.


Just over a year ago we switched over to Omega Security Systems. We had a system already installed when we bought the house, but the company contract we took over was terrible. They didn’t understand the alarm system they had themselves installed, and customer service was terrible. Omega have been really good since then. Using the existing system, improved the level of security, introduced us to the apps available and have undertaken the annual maintenance.