Burglary on Devonshire Road

Hey all,
We were burgled yesterday evening on the Forest Hill end of Devonshire Road. No major damage or losses (easy to flog stuff- iMac, laptop, some jewellery). Forced entry through the back door.

Thought I’d share to raise awareness if you’re in the area.

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Out of interest, does your property have an alarm?

Sorry to hear that, @joerobot :frowning:

No- can’t say I’ve ever been granted such luxuries from rented accommodation in London :sweat_smile:

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Fair enough - and bad luck; can’t have been a nice feeling to find all your belongings rifled through!!

There seems to be a spate at the moment. I’ve seen posts on social media reporting burglaries in the area.

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Remember this guy 3 days back You’re right, it’s that time of the year again, when all the anti-Santa’s are busy!

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One of the tactics they use if they see a light on in the hall only, is to knock,
then if someone by chance answers, they ask if (any name) lives at this address. This way they can check whether anyone is in, or if the hall light is just on a timer and nobody is home.

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One of my nutty friends used to reply “Yes he does live here. Come in and wait for him.”.

That used to confuse them.


Was watching a documentary the other day (yes I watched a bit of telly which is not the norm in the daytime for me) where a kid of around 11/12 years old was knocking on doors to say his football went in that persons garden, if they were in they would buy it because he was a young kid.

If they were out he would break in to the house.

This was in Manchester, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s happening everywhere :frowning:

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My neighbour across the road from me said there had been a break in, in the road across from her & they had got in the back by climbing on a kitchen extension. Our gardens back onto each other, so have always felt quite safe. Just hope our neighbours don’t start building extensions. The nan who lives in the first house in our road was broken into a few years back when he had scaffolding up & they used that to get in at 6pm in the summer.