Burglary on Perry Rise

We live in Perry Rise and had a burglary last evening around 7pm. They ripped off a Ring video recorder off the wall as well as a security light. They then smashed their way through the kitchen door glass. Hoods masks and gloves so police not hopeful. They then started to ransack through the house but luckily my wife came home and disturbed them. Not too much gone but I’m posting pictures from the camera in case you recognise them. Keith mm

I’m really sorry to hear that happened to you - its such a violation!
I hope they get caught - I just read a post on nextdoor that there were teenagers seen casing homes and cars in the Brockley rise area - I’m not savvy with sharing links etc but might be worth having a look on there to see if there’s some kind of link between the two ??
Glad they didn’t get away with much and wishing you a happier new year going forward !

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So sorry this happened, it’s horrible. I was burgled sometime between 22nd and 23rd December, first time the house had been empty for months, I have a friend renting my spare room. We were both visiting family before xmas. Very similar MO. Motion sensor light disabled by yanking it and glass door at the back smashed at the bottom to create a hole they could climb through. They had put the latch down so when I came home I couldn’t open the door. They ransacked the place, took small things they could carry. police say they were wearing gloves so not much hope of getting anything back.
I live in Beckenham, near Birkbeck (grew up in SE23) possibly could be the same people, although I’m sure this is quite common sadly.

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Pretty distinctive clothes and footwear so hopefully they’ll be spotted again. Will definitely keep an eye out. Let’s hope they get stopped before creating more misery.

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Looks like the same guys struck again last night on Como road. Our neighbours were broken into last night and our nest cam picked up some of the activity. Very similarly dressed. The police attended really quickly but weren’t able to catch anyone. Turning into a bit of a trend!

Looks like there was another burglary on Sunderland Road on Wednesday night. Wonder if it was the same guys?

No the best image but he had a bobble hat, puffa jacket, gloves and a distinctive large watch. Como Road.

18:20? Obviously not bothered about possibly being interrupted.

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Yep, pretty brazen.

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sorry to hear this - the MO seems almost exactly like our burglary several years ago. we lived on De Frene Road, it was during the day, the lower half of the back door was smashed in, they put the latch on the front door, they ransacked the place, and took small valuables, jewellery, money, passports mobile phones etc, in a bag that they’d also nicked. They were spotted acting suspiciously, on a side alley, by a passing patrol car, and were arrested, and when we got home they were already in Lewisham Police Station being questioned. They had some Euros on them which they claimed they’d just got back from a holiday in Spain, but on investigation the guy didn’t have a passport, so couldn’t have been. They were convicted, and both spent time in jail, though I suspect both out by now. Can’t remember names off top of head - but should be on the police system. Date was while the wife was pregnant with our first, he was born Dec 2013, so round about early/mid April 2013. Could be the same people.

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