Burst water main A205 at Dulwich Common. Low water pressure

Seems to be a water problem in Wood Vale although nothing on Thames Water. I’m waiting for a callback from them.

I have a letter saying that they’re replacing water pipes but will let us know if there’s going to be an outage. Basement neighbour has a trickle so might be a pressure issue.

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Apparently there’s a mains water leak on the South Circular at Dulwich Common… that’s likely the culprit…


Also, there’s been a slow leak at the end of Wood Vale (junction with the South Circ) for ages. I saw a few guys digging up the road where it appears to be springing from a week or two back. However, that doesn’t seem to have done the trick as I walked past yesterday and the leak was back.

They are scheduled to replace the water mains all along Wood Vale over the next 6 months - apparently starting this week.

Good news… my water is back on… low pressure but on!


Yes my son just cycled home past it. The whole circular is closed along the common. Traffic gridlock. Beware