Bus safety

Does anyone know what the 176 bus is like nowadays covid safety wise? I have to go to King’s on Monday and don’t think there’s anywhere to park. I have been sheltering so am pretty nervous about going to hospital, never mind the bus.

During the day buses seem pretty fine, they are busier than they have been but still no where near full. Mask wearing isn’t 100% but the majority do comply. The 176 run school routes so make sure you avoid them - there will be signs in the front of the bus saying if it is a school bus or not.


Thank you Hannah. My appointment’s at 2 so I should be OK getting there but may well get caught up in the school run on the way back, so that’s good to know.

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Schoolkids should be getting on the School Services. The sign in the window of a non-school service bus asks them to wait for the next school service where they are allowed more passengers.

I think they are only supposed to have 30 people on a non-school double-decker but I’ve been on buses that definitely had more - certainly upstairs. Then again, I’ve also been on some that were comparatively empty even at busier times.

I’d suggest giving yourself a little extra time so if you feel uncomfortable, you have time to get off and wait for the next bus (easier to do from the Plough onwards).


Or you could get the Overground to Surrey Quays and change to a Denmark Hill one - the Overground is pretty empty and well ordered.


That’s a great idea. Much airier and roomier - and with the traffic along LL these days, probably not much longer.

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