Business posts now pinned for two days (previously three)


Paid business posts are now pinned to the top of the homepage for two days, rather than three.

We’re keen to strike the right balance between adverts and other discussion on the forum. With that in mind, the price remains £9 despite the reduced pinning time, and we anticipate fewer advertising posts as a result.

Every day, businesses get better value for their £9, as the reach of grows in Google, social media, and in regular traffic to the forum.

Posting About Your Business:

  • :gift: All local businesses can create one topic per year free of charge.
  • Feel free to respond to mentions of your business on the forum (no charge)
  • If you’d like to create more topics about your business there is a charge of £9 per topic. Pay online and pin your topic today .
  • Paid-for topics are pinned to the top of the homepage for two days

Members - How to un-pin Topics

When you’ve read a pinned topic, you are able to un-pin it, so it will no longer appear at the top of your homepage (although it will of course remain pinned for everyone else). To unpin a topic, click the following option at the bottom of the topic page:


Note - In your preferences you can also set pinned topics to automatically un-pin when you’ve read them.