Cafes that don't play music?

I know it’s a pretty long shot, but…

Is there anywhere in SE23 where you can have a coffee/sandwich/beer/etc. without music playing? Sometimes I want to go out to listen to something (and it’s a bit cold to sit in the park!) or just to concentrate on some work.

Any suggestions?



I think the Archie Parker on Dartmouth Road is musicless. Great coffee and sandwiches too

Actually @TheArchieParker plays pretty eccentric music (or certainly has done every time I visited) and this wouldn’t be my choice for quiet time. But yes - nice coffee and snacks.

Could be wrong but I don’t think that @No41Coffee plays music.

I don’t recall any in MyJamii either though you’d be best advised to check their schedule before visiting for quiet times as sometimes it is playtime in there. Can be a nice place to work though, have done so before.

Not musicless here. But yes, great coffee and sandwiches. :smiley:

What’s eccentric about having a playlist titled ‘Songs that stop when the song says stop’?


Let me guess - that’s one of Chase’s? :smile:


Horniman cafe and the swimming pool cafe have no music but might not be the place to go to get work done.

The library is much more suited to getting work done, but you have to get the coffee from a local coffee shop.

And then there’s The Capitol - which doesn’t have music.


I went to the Horniman Cafe yesterday, it really isnt the right place for quiet work or concentrating :slight_smile: . The Tea Pot has music but usually played very quietly. Please note that it does not have wifi as it is not an office.

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We have lots of cool tunes at peak times actually… coffee and silence doesn’t go hand in hand I’m afraid at 41 ! We do have occasions of silence however in the afternoon/evening :slight_smile:


Well thanks for the clarification. Have only been in on an afternoon so that explains it. Am happy with music BTW.

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Thanks for the suggestions guys.

Looks like The Capitol and My Jamii might be the best bets, I know where both are.

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Oh yeah. You do. Vengaboys on now.

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Why would anyone want to have music on whilst eating, drinking or talking?

That would be our ‘Emmental’ playlist. Its the perfect accompaniment to clearing up.

Music is the food of life.

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It’s a shortcut for those who can’t create an atmosphere via imagination or ingenuity in their establishments, I guess.

So is sex. One thing at a time, surely?

Plus, cafe’s etc are for food and drink not work, office = work, cafe = drinks, food and fun.


It has been proved that the background noise in a cafe is more conducive to concentration than a silent office. So much so that you can now buy an app that will play ‘Cafe’ noise to help you work.