Calling all Cat Spotters of SE23


What 'hood does he frequent?


Also might want to start a new topic as I’m sure many aren’t following this one.


Bottom end of Cranston Road and thereabouts…


Not seen him since last weekend I’m afraid, will keep eye out


Did he turn up? Think we saw him this morning (or at least a cat looking very much like him) scaring next door’s cat, but he’d vanished before I could get outside to check it was him.


He’s so majestic! It’s amazing how different they all are, just like us. I used to have a former stray cat and I was aware that he had been bullied a lot. You could say by the way he behaved with all the strangers that came into my house. He was faltering and kept his distance. He was a very special cat on the whole.


This is the skittish and ornery Blanche, aged 10 and a half. We don’t let her out the front and she (probably) couldn’t figure how to get there via the back door of our terraced house The other day she followed a mouse from the hall to the kitchen then squatted down to wait for it to reappear. It didn’t for a while as she was sitting on it.


Such a beauty.


Oh I want a cat again…


Hi Stephen - Yes he is fine and thanks for asking! I think our mutual neighbour, Charlene, mentioned you had said he had gone awol.

He was just there one day when we got up - sitting on the table waiting to be fed like nothing had happened. We have been away for a week or so recently and our cat sitter said he has been around most days so happy to say he is back in the fold.


Good to know. He did pop in a couple of times in the meantime, even tried ‘helping’ with the washing up.


Sigh! He is very helpful and very naughty!


People say LOL a lot but I did actually laugh out loud at that…


Saw this at HOP sainsburys today


On good authority, owners for the above found. He is just enlarging his territory and seems to be at the centre of a quite a few of the early morning cat fights we’ve been hearing.


Oh good, thanks for the update


I’m posting on behalf of my friend Carole that asked me to help as I ‘do computers’
She is desperately looking for her cat and would love to be reunited. She says…

I NEED YOUR HELP. My cat has been missing since Sunday 10 July from Pearfield Road, Perry Vale and although I have tried hard to locate him he has not been found. He is much loved and I am very worried. Wolfy is 15 years old and almost totally blind. He has long silver grey hair and will find it difficult to navigate his way around. If you have seen him or know where he is please call me on 0208 699 4230. Thank you.

If you spot him please could you contact Carol on the number provided or message me. Thank you


Well done you!
Sooo cute but I am a complete sucker for kitties. I am sure he has found a great home and Puds will come round eventually, ours always have even if they aren’t best friends they tolerate each other.


I had a bad experience with Celia Hammond which I hope is not usual as they seem to be well regarded. After a long home visit they said we weren’t suitable for kittens they could get on to the street! I thought every house had a door on the street and argued my case but they insisted that I could only have a cat that was “experienced” with roads. Fair enough but we have had many cats over the years and we had two at the time and we needed a cat that got on with others. So we took the day off work for our appointment in Lewisham and they showed us just one cat who had to be kept away from other cats! Not really sure why we bothered - went to Battersea and got Ralph in a day so we were happy in the end…


I’ve heard similar stories about Celia Hammond - it seems very difficult to actually get a kitten or even a cat from them!