Calling all Cat Spotters of SE23


Bob the builder kitten!


Arlo spends a fair bit of time in our garden (78 Bovill Road) hanging out with our cat Carmen, who is pure white, and Otis from number 80. they’ve got quite a scene going :slight_smile:


I have to say, I have noticed an explosion of cats passing through or garden in the last 6 months or so. We get all shapes and sizes coming through.


He is divine @Cazimo!


Tough times for the Lewisham Celia Hammond, but their fundraiser for new vans looks to be going well:


Hi Everyone! If you see my cat in your garden, firstly I am sorry if he digs anything up and secondly, please do not feed him! he is getting very fat…his name is Otis and he’s only 8 months old although is the size of a tiger. :slight_smile:


My heart breaks everytime I see one of these flyers.


Oh no…this breaks my heart. @Cazimo do you know if he’s gone missing on Elsinore Road or nearby?


:sweat: I’m towards the Stanstead road end and haven’t had one. Been out and checked the shed and the garden…nothing. I’ll have a good check around tomorrow as well…It’s my worst nightmare. I so hope he gets home.


I have just been browsing through this thread - and have seen a few of these faces around sometimes.

I used to have a cat when I lived in SE13, who passed away from old age in 2015. Where I live now, SE26, I am not allowed a cat and won’t get away with having one on the sly.

As many of you are cat owners, I wondered if anyone ever need some pet/cat sitting when they went away on holidays etc, I would be over the moon to help out. I love cats, and have been a cat mummy most of my life. I’m 26, female.

  • Just thought I’d put it out there. I am quite flexible with my availability and time as I am a mature student on a part time basis.



We are owned by this furball

Spot me! I blend in really well amongst my Mom’s favourite animal and other assorted furry friends :smiley:

Don’t feed the Mogwai after midnight!

Yes, my name is Mogwai and, you are?!


A great character and a Totoro fan. Brilliant.


Oh great. I am not sure how to PM on here - but i can happily give you my personal e-mail or number, for you to keep for when you do go away or something.

I’d also be happy to meet before you went away any time - and meet the cats too so you are at ease with me and them.

  • Feel free to PM me, I can’t quite figure it out :confused:


We would be interested too - I have a sitter for the long holiday we are going on in March, but if she falls through then will be handy to have you on board! Can you PM me your details?



Hi Nick, I’ve been flicking through in the forum in the hope I’d find some information about what we thought was a lost cat. We live on Como road and Bazil (I’m pretty sure it’s him) has been visiting on and off from the Autumn. He’s no problem but likes to come inside on occasion and eat titbits, especially over the Christmas period. I thought I’d let you know as you might be worried, although I can see from some of the other posts he’s a bit of a wanderer. Let me know if you’d like me to do anything.


Hi James - thanks…
Yes he does wander about and is a frequent visitor to several neighbours but he generally comes home but thanks for letting me know.

I totally understand that people let him in the house and feed him titbits (he is very friendly!) but I would rather they didn’t really. He really needs to have dental biscuits to keep his teeth healthy and if he is fed nice tasty morsels then he often doesn’t eat when he comes in.


Any Junior cat spotters might like to know we have an event on this weekend at the library.

At 11am on Saturday in the Children’s library we have a visit from The Cats Protection League, who are coming to hold an interactive talk about cats - ‘Feline Facts, cat care and crafts’ that includes making your own moggie from a paper template, how to draw a cat and that sort of thing. Suitable for accompanied children over 4 years old.


Have you worked with them before? I have a real issue with this group recently. As a lover of cats, I appreciate the work they do. I am not a fan of their fund raising initiatives. They seem to pop up at loads of consumer exhibitions like Daily Mail Home or Grand Designs. They are so aggressive on their stands, really just inside chuggers (charity muggers) who try to guilt you into making a regular donation. Such a shame these chuggers as they turn me off the good work the charity does.

I really hope this CPS visit is purely informative but I’d be wary of their hard sell tactics.


Interesting, I’ve not worked with them before, but have had good reports from other libraries. Will certainly try and make sure there is no chugging at the library though - thanks for the heads-up.


We don’t feed him, never have, probably explains why he’s not been back in a while!