Calling all Cat Spotters of SE23


He is getting on and doesn’t like the cold so he tends to stay in and sleep on the shelf above the radiator :grinning:


Since this is a fairly lively thread, I thought I’d post this here: I’ve been doing a clear out and found quite a few bits and pieces of nearly-new gear for the dog that are barely used for one reason or another. Rather than just dumping them or going through the hassle of selling them on, I thought I’d check if Battersea could use them. And low and behold, they have a list of kit they need for both cats and dogs, and an address to mail them to. So if anyone is in the same situation, have a look here:


This handsome lad was scoping out our terrace from the top of tge wall


Lost cat [Found]

I love the cat pictures, but given that there is a cat killer around in S. London and Kent, maybe locations would be best omitted.


Hi Valerie and welcome to this forum.

As a huge fan of cats I have given this a lot of thought, as have other members of the forum. I find the whole concept of the cat killer really disturbing and if I currently had a pet I would try to keep it in at night, as per official advice. Regarding your point about sharing photos and roads, we discussed this very question last year as it happens.


Just seen this gorgeous and friendly tabby in Honor Oak near me - new to the area I think, and also possibly pregnant (or very well fed):


Basil has gone AWOL again. Hopefully still in and around the area but we haven’t seen him for a few days so if you do see him can you give me a holler.


Nice to see Cow Cat and Grumpy Cat making peace not war on Garthorne Rd:


They look too fat to make war.


Hi Nick, we saw him last night, meowing loudly and soaking wet. We dried him off before heading over the Neighbour’s fence to chase their cat :wink: pretty sure I heard him meowing this morning. If he appears do you want me to let him in for you to come collect?


Thanks @James1P - he did come home briefly yesterday for some food and a lie down. Unfortunately he is a wanderer (we got him as a rescue cat) and he does this every now and then. As you have seen he is fond of chasing other cats and foxes so we do worry that he has gotten hurt. Thanks for looking out for him but I there isn’t much point in trying to keep him in as he just likes being oputside - as long as we know he is safe then all is well - thanks…


No worries, let me know if you want me to keep an eye out. Good set of lungs on him btw :grinning:


I did wonder why one of the local foxes had quite a chunk missing out of the scruff of his neck this morning. Perhaps Basil is just sleeping off some very rare cachaço da raposa?


Having been chugged again today, was wondering how this went?


It was very quiet from what I can work out (I wasn’t there at the time) - they seem to have been very nice, drew some cats with the children and left some materials and cat care literature and chugging didn’t seem to occur.


Good to hear. I was beginning to lose faith with them.


Of all the photos they could have chosen :smiley:




I think they’re cat-buddies :kissing_cat:


Bazil has been helping out with the gardening this week