Calling all Greeks of SE23


Occasionally, I hear people speaking Greek at HOP Sainsbury’s or HOP train station. Curious to know how many of us there are in the area and also keen to meet some.


Quarter Greek myself. I can tell you that there’s a lot in Camberwell


2 of us here in FH. I also have heard a few Greeks & Cypriots about the place.


Just about to reply but then realized it said Greek not geek…
However my lovely neighbours are Greek Cypriot, not geeks but very generous and couldn’t wish for better people to live next too.


Makes two of us. Threw me too.


If only we had a really good Greek restaurant in the hood.


I have yet to encounter a really good Greek restaurant outside of Greece so I wouldn’t get your hopes up! I realise this could be construed a contentious statement for any Greeks reading this (psonomi) but Hattush do a number of Greek dishes, e.g. Kleftiko, so would be the best bet locally that I can think of.


Another two here at FH.
Also keen to meet :slight_smile:


Wow! So there are Greeks in SE23??? :open_mouth: Living in the area for almost 1,5 year, I have only heard Greek a few times turning around to see where this came from. Keen to meet as well! :slight_smile:


Sp_key’s wife here (also Greek). Maybe we should organise a meet and greet evening at the Sylvan Post some time soon?


@charmie258, @Stell_ar, @Sneezing7 - unfortunately no way to send private messages on this forum which is quite strange. You guys happy to schedule a meetup some time? Send us an email at sp_key at hotmail dot com



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Why can't brand new users send private messages?

Hi @ChrisBeach, I appreciate this but I still find it a strange rule as it’s unclear how ‘positively’ is decided / rated for each member. And in this specific use case, short-cutting the process also wouldn’t help as the members I’m trying to contact would also need to be able to respond / send private messages. It follows, the only solution is for us to take the conversation out and into a different medium? Apologies if I’m missing something :slight_smile:

Why can't brand new users send private messages?

It just means as we have met you we know we are dealing with real people. See

We wanted to have a local forum where we can have great discourse but avoid things like this. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. We also encourage people to come to the regular meetings for the same reasons.


I think you need to sub into politics to see this link!


Fair enough.


@sp_key Your account is now able to send PMs.


There are a couple of good ones in Romania but I would not recommend visiting the country just for that.


Greatly appreciated!