Calling all Musicians


I’m a keen guitarist. Would love to get together with some local musicians to rock out / jam. Need a place to do it in too.
Anyone interested ?

Guitarist looking to form a band

Hi - we used to have open mic nights at both The Sylvan Post and The Signal which I used to play in, sadly both have now finished and as far as I know there are no open mics left in Forest Hill (and possibly none in SE23?!) which is a shame. I sing and play rhythm guitar very badly so I’m not really much of a jammer i’m afraid! But if you can find a rhythm section lurking somewhere on the forum I’d be happy to quit my job and become an international rock star! :wink:


it’s a real shame that the Signal hasn’t kept on some of the great stuff that used to go on there.

Let’s lookup for a drummer!


Ahoy chaps, I’m a drummist.


Woah. Now all we need is a jam space !

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Not sure if I fit the purpose but I do a bit of hip-hop, unfortunately in Romanian but also beatbox and produce (sample based).


I’m an all-rounder looking for a band. I live in Peckham. I’m happy being: Frontman, Drummer, Bassist or Guitarist. I’m happy with various styles of music but rock is my default. Here’s some recent recordings: (last night, I’m on live vocals & one-take drums after a few pints) (last week, I’m on guitars, bass, drums) (I’m on vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, piano, percussion - recorded and mixed in an hour)

And there are a few more on my SoundCloud account (and hopefully more coming soon).

I’ve been doing the rounds of Open Mic Nights and would love to play/jam with a band again.


Good stuff chaps. I should mention I’m involved in a monthly jam night which happens at the Beer Rebellion bar in Sydenham, waiting on a date in January


Oh that sounds fun. How does it work ?


Ahoy hoy and HNY all. Thought I would fan the embers of this thread and see how the land lies. Are people still interested in making some noise? Weepy - wasn’t ignoring you, just that time of year sir. There is a jam arranged at the Beer Rebellion in Sydenham next Wednesday 25th if anyone is interested, I will be the house drummer for this one.

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That sounds great. Just had twins so might struggle to make it down, but
will try. Is it monthly ?


Hi Weepy

i’m mainly a bass player but also a guitarist living in SE23. Missing jamming and open mikes. Did you you find anyone to play with?



Hi Wilhelm

is this jam still going on?

Will iam


I disappeared from the scene due to babies etc …, but am back now.

Am I up for a jam ? Hell yes.


I’ve seen Dulwich Beer Dispensary advertise an open mic night. Though I’m not sure if that’s music or comedians or both.


Hi all I play guitar and sing and play at several of the local open mic nights. In Forest Hill the only one I’m aware of is at The Signal once a month it’s called “The Control Room - Signal Social Sessions” and you should be able to find details on social media. There’s then a series of open mics run by a lady called Zoe Webster which take place at The Cherry Tree (East Dulwich), Westow House (Crystal Palace) and Goldsmiths Arms (Penge) on various days. There are probably others but those are the ones I’ve played recently.

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also the Ivy House in Nunhead every Monday.

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I’m more up for a jam - anyone else ?


Well me too.

How do we progress this?I am on FB if you want to Friend and message me



Ahoy all. The stars must be aligning or something - I haven’t been on the forum that much recently.
Williamh - to answer your question , that jam night is long over unfortunately, the bar is now a comedy club.
I’m still getting over some surgery but I’d be up for some racket