Calling all Musicians


I’m a keen guitarist. Would love to get together with some local musicians to rock out / jam. Need a place to do it in too.
Anyone interested ?

Guitarist looking to form a band

Hi - we used to have open mic nights at both The Sylvan Post and The Signal which I used to play in, sadly both have now finished and as far as I know there are no open mics left in Forest Hill (and possibly none in SE23?!) which is a shame. I sing and play rhythm guitar very badly so I’m not really much of a jammer i’m afraid! But if you can find a rhythm section lurking somewhere on the forum I’d be happy to quit my job and become an international rock star! :wink:


it’s a real shame that the Signal hasn’t kept on some of the great stuff that used to go on there.

Let’s lookup for a drummer!


Ahoy chaps, I’m a drummist.


Woah. Now all we need is a jam space !


Not sure if I fit the purpose but I do a bit of hip-hop, unfortunately in Romanian but also beatbox and produce (sample based).


I’m an all-rounder looking for a band. I live in Peckham. I’m happy being: Frontman, Drummer, Bassist or Guitarist. I’m happy with various styles of music but rock is my default. Here’s some recent recordings: (last night, I’m on live vocals & one-take drums after a few pints) (last week, I’m on guitars, bass, drums) (I’m on vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, piano, percussion - recorded and mixed in an hour)

And there are a few more on my SoundCloud account (and hopefully more coming soon).

I’ve been doing the rounds of Open Mic Nights and would love to play/jam with a band again.


Good stuff chaps. I should mention I’m involved in a monthly jam night which happens at the Beer Rebellion bar in Sydenham, waiting on a date in January


Oh that sounds fun. How does it work ?


Ahoy hoy and HNY all. Thought I would fan the embers of this thread and see how the land lies. Are people still interested in making some noise? Weepy - wasn’t ignoring you, just that time of year sir. There is a jam arranged at the Beer Rebellion in Sydenham next Wednesday 25th if anyone is interested, I will be the house drummer for this one.


That sounds great. Just had twins so might struggle to make it down, but
will try. Is it monthly ?