Calling all players of brass instruments both young and old

Introducing 6 'O’clock Brass. This is a brand new sub group of the Crystal Palace Brass Band. It is aimed at new players who want to play in a band, and also - and just as importantly - past brass instrument players who have a latent desire to play once more. The latter group are known as ‘returners’ and there are lots of us about. I say “Us” becuase that is exactly how I came to join the band. I once played the trumpet as a very young man, then life and family and work all got in the way so i put it down for about 30 years. Then one day I turned up on a Wednesday evening two years ago and - bobs your uncle - now I have played three different instruments in the band and we do regular gigs thought the year. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. Playing music with others is the perfect antidote to all of life’s swings and roundabouts. The 6B band is open to all ages but it helps if you know the very basics and can read music at a basic level. Thats why we say you must be able to play to grade one or two level. It does not matter if you have not passed any grades- i have never taken a grade - its the basic ability and enthusiasm that we are after. I attach a flyer below. If you have an instrument then so much the better, but we do have some instruments you can use if not. Anyway, do get in touch if you have any questions.