Camille Pissarro painting of Lordship Lane Station


In the 1870’s the Impressionist painter Camille Pissarro painted Lordship Lane station from the bridge in Sydenham Hill Woods looking north at the Crystal Palace High Level Railway. What was open countryside then is all overgrown now, but there are a few visible pointers to the old railway track.

I’ve led walks for friends along the railway route from Nunhead to Crystal Palace a couple of times. Here’s an overlay of some current views with the painting to compare. The accuracy of his drafting, of the landscape and especially of the houses that are still there is, as you might expect, excellent.

In his painting, centrally we see the railway line, then the station buildings, just beyond them was a bridge over Lordship Lane heading into the current Horniman Nature Trail, at the back of Woodvale. To the right in the distance we see the hill on which Horniman Gardens now stand. In the near right foreground now stand the apartment blocks of the Sydenham Hill Estate. Finally, left of centre, the red house with the cream house left of it on the corner of Woodvale.


Great work on this.

I went to a lunchtime talk on this painting at the Courtauld Gallery back in 2016. And I’m pretty sure I spied it among the recent Courtauld Impressionists show at the National Gallery.

But I love reviewing this in a modern context.


Great post @ThorNogson

I was curious to know exactly where it is. This article has a bit of info including a map:

Lordship Lane Station looking north in c. early 1920’s

Lordship Lane Station looking north in the early 1950’s

Photo from Brian Halford collection

Lordship Lane Station looking south during demolition in 1956
Photo by John L. Smith

The site of Lordship Lane Station looking north east in July 2007
Photo by Nick Catford

Aerial view showing the site of Lordship Lane Station - the platforms are shown in black. The arrow indicates the camera position and direction of the photograph above.

Click here for more pictures of Lordship Lane Station
Click here for pictures of Cox’s Walk footbridge south of Lordship Lane Station
Click here to see literature advertising the ‘Palace Centenarian’ - the last train


yes indeed- this pic shows the bridge and the station building on the left. Horniman Gardens entrance to the right.

and this is one side of the station, a 2 storey building with steps up to platform level.


He was a refugee
Who knows what talented refugees are among is today!