Campaign to save the All Inn One pub



South East London CAMRA have set up a petition backing the campaign to save the pub. It can be found here: >
As local residents we would be very sad to see it go. It’s a lovely pub and we’ve had many happy times there. We also think it’s crucial to have businesses that serve the community on this side of the tracks. Pubs do thrive in Forest Hill. The Hob changed ownership and became The Signal and appears to be very successful.


Let’s turn everything in Forest Hill into a hotel. That way we’ll bring even more money into the area!! Never mind the fact that it will end up becoming one of those lifeless, soulless transient ‘through-road’ towns that nobody would dream of stopping in anyway.


Do you have an example of a London suburb that has been ruined by having two (or more) hotels?


Do you have an example of a London borough that has been dramatically transformed as a result of having one (or more) hotels built on much loved and treasured pubs?


You talk about speculation but isn’t it speculation on your part that this will in fact turn out to be flats?


Here’s the perspective from a long standing, local business owner. Nearby Finches Emporium supports the redevelopment of the site.


Finches have served Forest Hill for as long as I can remember (49 years since I was 11) and for a long time before that, and their business continues to be THE commercial anchor for that side of the station, not to mention it being of significant importance to the town centre generally. I hold them in the highest regard and anything I can possibly do to support them is a given.


I had visitors from Austin in Texas over the weekend. They specifically wanted to visit Finches to look for specialist snowboard stuff. Their reputation is international.


A ski instructor friend of mine visited from Iceland. He said it’s one of the best ski shops he’s been in.


Gentle nudge to recent posters to keep this on-topic please. We’d welcome a new topic discussing Finches.


I come from a place of thinking Forest Hill already has plenty of viable pubs. Over the years I have seen good pubs fade with the wrong management and bad pubs thrive with the right one. However, a hotel is lacking in these parts and I am sure a pub/hotel would do well and bring in new custom for the local shops. Can the planning department not stipulate that the hotel/pub application be strictly adhered to when built as was a similar case in sydenham when the Greyhound pub had to be rebuilt but the developers were hoping they could demolish it. Planning won the day I think and it is now a great albeit new version of the previous Greyhound.


I agree with the Councillor’s campaign. For my part I object to another historical landmark being knocked down to make place for a new building. A lot of our Victorian built heritage is being destroyed by stealth and as someone pointed out you just end up with a soulless row of purpose built flats instead. Obviously in an ideal world it would be good if the pub could be retained but if that is not commercially viable then at least let’s prevent it from being destroyed. Heritage and architectural variety are what gives an area its character.
In dealing with developers bear in mind that their main motivation is greed.not the enhancement of an area.


I understand this sentiment, but i this case the original features of the pub are pretty much destroyed or hidden from view. It would be great if someone were to return the building to its original glory, though probably its usefulness as a pub would be lost. There is a time to protect heritage, but there isn`t much of this heritage left here. I wonder if FHS will have a view on this.


Given the strong arguments made by both sides, let’s run a straw poll to get a rough idea of what forum members think:

  • I favour the demolition and hotel redevelopment
  • I favour the retention of the current building and garden
  • I don’t feel strongly either way
  • Other (please comment)

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I haven’t made up my mind yet. I’d like to see the FHS position.


Ditto. The two petitions so far:

71 votes (three days)

44 votes (a day)

Neither is generating a huge response


The “save” petition jumped to 86 votes in the hour since I posted the link here! :hushed:

(Possibly a glitch in the 38 degrees website).


Thank you for giving us these voting options.

My vote in favour of the hotel is with it retaining an independently run pub.


To avoid any doubt or ambiguity.

My support is predicated on there being a comparably sized pub within the development.

A garden space is desirable.

But any subsequent walk back or change of use, post granting of planning permission or indeed before such permission is granted, will be resisted.

It just does not seem feasible that, given the matter of the sale being behind us, that any new licencee will see any prospect of commercial success in any venture that requires the retention of the existing building.

Success needs the offset of overheads, not least of all, shared and proportionate lease charges distributed across both ventures, in the enlarged form and commercial support of the hotel element of the proposal to secure a profitable success.


JGD. It sounds like you’ve made a good point. However, for all of us on here that are not budding commercial property lawyers could you put that into laymen’s terms?