CAMRA's best pubs in Greenwich and Lewisham

One too many elected candidates have been listed from the Antic portfolio. Have had two very negative experiences out of three visits to their Forest Hill establishment.

Very appropriate inclusion of BHT though - well done to them.

Not sure about the Barge to be honest - cheap beer and a wide ever changing range but haven’t been overly impressed with the flavour and you never seem to get the same beer twice.
Not sure the Slyvan Post is any better than the CBT, the Chados or Catford Constitutional Club and I’d rather be in any of those than the Barge!
Still some places I haven’t heard of to add to the list to try.


Interesting list. Plume of Feathers in Greenwich is a lovely pub in a quiet place with a courtyard garden but only a walk across the road from the old naval college. Only happened upon it this summer. a great one away from the Greenwich crowds. Serves Harveys which elevates a pub above all others in my book!