Can anyone identify this creature

Hi can anyone tell me what creature this is and any info about it?

A carpet beetle maybe?

Have you seen it in profile or the underside? Does it look like it has a big tummy?

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I’m totally guesing, but it looks a bit like this thing? Maybe it is young so the colour isn’t yellow yet?

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Hi thanks for your reply. It looks and sounds similar but I have them in my home so not sure it is this

se23 is also a long way from Australia, but there’s probably some similarly related bug here :slight_smile:

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Hi thanks for replying. It looks similar to your picture but darker in colour. I don’t have carpets but do of course have clothes and soft furnishings, so this may be what it is

I’ve seen a couple in our house over the last few days. Same this time last year

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Hi thanks for this, it’s made me worry less

I think carpet beetles can be quite varied in colour and their anatomy is different to a ladybird’s.

A ladybird has quite a chunky pronotum, which covers the thorax. (I think so anyway - I’m no expert).


I don’t think a carpet beetle has such a prominent one.

I also think ladybirds are sort of flat underneath and you can see their undercarriage, as it were.

This is a 14 spot ladybird, which we have in the UK and looks a bit like your photo …

Whereas carpet beetles, photo below, have a more rounded underside.

Is that a window that the creature is on? Carpet beetles are often found on windowsills. A ladybird will take off when you touch it (or plummet). I don’t know how a carpet beetle would behave.

I think it’s the larvae of carpet beetles that do the damage and the adults tend to live outside.

The London Wildlife Trust could probably help with identification.

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