Can anyone suggest how to remove paint from Victorian porch tiles?

Hi. Can anyone advise how to remove a variety of layers of different kinds of black paint off of our porch floor tiles? They’re not particularly pretty, high quality Victorian tiles - black and brown and a few chipped, but it’s not easy keeping the paint from chipping on them, plus I think going back to the original would look better. The layers of paint are mainly black masonry or tile paint - and I can’t imagine using a blow torch paint stripper would be good for Victorian tiles. Can anyone suggest how to take it off?

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Try paint stripper on a small area. It used to be called Nitromores or something like that. Probably banned now. Wear gloves and do not inhale the fumes. Use wooden scraper. You could try a hot air paint stripper and wooden scraper too. Tiles should be able to survive the treatment as they are glazed at high temperature and the surface is effectively glass.

The Victorian Society has a series of leaflets about caring for Victorian houses. Sadly it looks as though the one on tiles is out of print but if you email them maybe they could send you a pdf.

I think Victorian floor tiles are called “encaustic” tiles and need specific cleaning and sealing techniques. You might find this site useful …