Can anything be done about this eyesore?



It is so gross.

Why are there always so many grim bins outside ? Who’s are they?


They have numbers on the sides :wink:


heh. So 61 is the that building. 57, 59 are the others. Are they allowed to just keep all their bins on the street ?


Don’t think so. As you say they are an eyesore also. Don’t know if anyone knows what the guidelines for bins outside shops are?


If anyone manages to find out, or talks to anyone at the Council about it, please report back.


I have always found Fix My Street to be really helpful.


I compained here :

Please support and they’ll do something about it


Will they?


They will if enough people complain!


Mm, that’s interesting. I think fixmystreet is a good route to go down as well. Or you could try ringing Envirocall?


I added to fixmystreet too if anyone else wants to chip in.


It is a problem.
When I used to live in the flat above Sugar Mountain it was back in the days before wheelie bins, so we just used to put our black sacks out for the binmen on a Wednesday I think.
But these wheelie bins are now just out on the street because hallways to the flats above the shops are mostly only like 3 feet wide and there’s nowhere else for them to go.
Until the council come up with a solution these bins are going to continue to blight the pavements.


Dang that’s a problem !

What would happen theoretically if the tandoori started up again ? I’m sure they wouldn’t put up with it. ?

I wonder if there could be space where the new development down the hill is. Presumably there’s refuse collection for that.


Most of the bin numbers are 61 which is related to,the Dartmouth tandoori or the flats above it and behind it.
This property has nothing to do with @Anotherjohn
Plus people just throw random rubbish here and it stinks.


Often on streets where there is plenty of space for bins in front gardens or driveways.


Where do you put your bins Pauline ?




Huh. Not rude just wondering where everyone else puts their bins. Seems that it’s a problem at 61 because no ones in there.


For the shops we all pay for red sacks which get picked up daily and for the flats you can request orange sacks for normal rubbish and clear sacks for recycling which again get picked up daily, this service is free and is what I use.

You just leave them next to the blue street bins in the evening and they are gone by early morning the following day.


Pauline you pay for the sacks and then say the service is free.