Can anything be done about this eyesore?



Red sacks for business (paid for)
Orange sacks for private residence (free)


So why are there any bins in this section of dartmouth road?
And if they do need to be there, why can’t they be round the back of the shops?


An example -
The front doors to the flats at 51a, 51b, 55a and 55b are in the alleyway, which is only the width of a car and which must be kept as permantently clear access for the house and the new development behind the shops.
I wasn’t aware of the orange sacks, but this could be the perfect alternative to wheelie-bin-blight providing they’re collected frequently enough.


It is one of the challenges of modern refuse and recycling. My last house was a maisonette with four entry doors side by side. There was barely enough room to store all the bins (blue, green, black) in front of the house. In the summer some had to go on the street lest you have a bin outside your windows.


I’m sure if the restaurant was in use a solution would appear. They obviously wouldn’t allow such a situation in front of their restaurant. It’s another case of where having empty shops is a downer for the streetscape


Shops pay for their rubbish to be picked up, residents don’t.

But as a resident you have to contact Lewisham Council to ask for orange and clear sacks and they deliver 3 rolls of each quarterly free of charge.


@Michael & @anotherjohn please don’t tell anyone I keep traffic cones behind the shops incase I need them for events Shhh :slight_smile:

It’s a secret :slight_smile:


At the other end of the borough in Lee, they have had some success in addressing Eyesore properties - this link shows some of the issues they have dealt with, and not without some success. The frontage of several of these shops and pubs has been re-furbed, broken windows repaired and vermin removed.


I had an update on fix my street about this. Had anything changed ? I’m not able to check right now.


I live just down the road and the council give us orange and clear sacks to put on the street for daily collection.

The bins aren’t the worst of it, there seem to constantly be mattresses, old electronics etc lying outside it.