Can Forest Hill become a village?


We have trendy Dulwich village, Ladywell village and even Walthamstow village.
What would make Forest Hill a village?
One thing’s for sure, the noise and traffic of the A205 appears to be the main deterant.


Havelock Walk on an open day is our village.

The Perry Vale triangle could get a little villagey vibe going on - especially if they manage to get the road semi-pedestrianised where cars are restricted to a 10mph crawl.


If Forest Hill becomes a village will the moderators of become Village People? Who gets to be the policeman?


That could be the clincher for me. I’d want to be the Indian but my culturally sensitive Liberal Left bent finds the idea atrocious leading to a boycott of myself .


Quite right, @starman. You can be the First Nation Canadian.


In the interests of challenging gender stereotypes, I’ll be the construction worker.


With my profile photo surely I’ll have a part to play!


Perry Vale by the old Fire station is a super little village area. I just wish someone would open the bakery. I remember when the post office was there, I think there may have been a butchers as well. Having that post office contributed greatly to the village feel, as does the church and cafe. Unfortunately You don’t realise these things until they’ve gone.


And I will have been sent to Coventry (by way of Norfolk).


Dibble, not policeman :policeman:


There was a green grocers there where the bookies is but I dont recall a butchers. A great guy called Derek used to run a lovely butchers on Perry Hill but he packed it in over 12 years ago - I think it was called Daveys. Derek now helps out in the Prowd Sow in Crofton Park so I still bump into him…


I think I’ve seen Honor Oak referred in that way before, and expect it’s possibly more likely. Surprise estate agents don’t do this now, or maybe they do!


Don’t you mean ‘Honor Oak Parade’, Estate Agents talk.


I await Honor Oak Village Parade!


As someone who grew up in a Devon village between the ages of 10 and 17, be careful what you wish for.


LOL. A London “village” is not the same as a real one, thankfully. Blackheath, for instance, bears scant resemblance to anywhere in the countryside I can think of. I think it is more of a cachet thing though does imply a self sustaining feel, even if only in Farrow & Ball paint and quail eggs. As such, definitely in the estate agents’ lexicon. Not so sure about parade though, more of a council/planning term I think.


Population of Forest Hill is approximately 30,000. That’s about the same as Chichester, Kendal, Colwyn Bay, or Dunstable. It has twice the population of Saffron Walden, Penzance, Matlock, or Skipton. And is three times larger than Oban, Glastonbury, Cromer, or St. Ives.

With such a large population, including two secondary schools, a swimming pool, library, parks, and a world class museum - I’m not sure why anybody really expects Forest Hill to feel like a village of a few hundred people.

However, Forest Hill is a friendly place and so it doesn’t take long for me to bump into somebody I know. But I do have a slightly larger contact network in the local area than most people. That happens when your daughter goes to the same school you did, your parents and in-laws live in walking distance, when you are an active member of multiple community organisations, and so are your family. The difference between a village and a town is that we don’t need to pretend to share the same interests and we can all be active in different groups.


I’d be concerned if @Pauline started wearing a headscarf.


Am not sure that anyone actually does. My point is that a London Village is something altogether different. The population of Blackheath is roughly comparable. To call it a village might seem pretentious to some but I would contend that it has its own meaning. And one that many in London aspire to live in.

I see no reason why Forest Hill shouldn’t get a villagey feel about it. I think there is a certain inevitability about it.


It’s a good thing our streets are paved or, with all our burst water mains, we’d be three times muddier than Glasto, too.