Can Forest Hill become a village?


If we’re reminiscing about the Perry Vale parade of shops, I can remember when there was a …

another newsagent/sweetshop
MOT garage
horse-drawn fire engines operating out of the Old Fire Station

Just joking on the last one. There also used to be a clothing factory in the building that was later converted into flats next to the bus stop.

Sounding a lot older than I feel!


And why do people complain so much about the South Circular dividing the town centre? It’s nowhere near as bad as the A2 through New Cross or the North Circular.


If something or somewhere is deemed ok because you can name something for or somewhere worse, then you probably need to raise you aspirations.


I certainly do not want to live in a village. I grew up in a village and moved to London for the opposite experience! But when people talk about London “villages” they seem to mean places with compact parades of little independent shops, cafés and pubs - not far off what we are like here now.


As a previous village dweller total 38 houses, two farms one pub and a small shop/butchers.
I was told by a local whose family went back to the 1500s that to be a true villager you had to have great grandchildren in the local school.


The village in which I grew up didn’t have a parade of independent shops, cafes and pubs. It had a general store (now a Tesco), a hairdresser, a dentist and an estate agent. The village (which is actually quite big), also boasted two pubs, two garages, a doctors surgery, a post office, a nursing home and a primary school. If you couldn’t fulfil your daily needs out of that lot (e.g. employment, secondary education, policing, emergency medical care, fuel, etc.) then you had to travel 5 miles down the road to the County town.

Personally, I think Forest Hill is far better served, if only for having a choice of dentists for starters…


Scratch that, I’ve just had a google street view trip down memory lane and one of the garages is now a Morgan dealership and the parade of shops has now sprouted a deli. Clearly upwardly mobile…


My village likewise. But then the understanding of what is a “village” in London seems to be defined by people who grew up in suburbs.


Village is a term coined by estate agents, eg Kidbrooke Village? Abergavenny village (not sure name is right) 2 blocks of flats on A13 near Canary Wharf.

Perhaps we should go for a Hamlet, Kibbutz, precinct or hinterland :sunglasses:


Ah, Aberfeldy Village. Previously notorious as the Aberfeldy Estate.


Thanks knew it was something Aber, did occur to me we could make Dartmouth Road (Walk) as it’s faster than the traffic.


Well I grew up near here

And went to school near here,+Liverpool+L12+5HW/@53.4328459,-2.9130792,16.25z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x487b21f05190643f:0x9b2c606993a546f7!8m2!3d53.4328405!4d-2.9102029

Both of which are very urban areas, in which ‘Village’ stands for ‘Old bit of the district for which it’s named, mostly near the original church, with a concentration of shops and some slightly odd old-fashioned bits, but not really the busiest bit’.

So ‘Forest Hill Village’ might suit the Perry Vale bit relatively well on that front. Albeit it would be estate-agent-imposed, and not organic or named after the actual road.


Living in a village could lead to one big happy family…literally


No forest hill can’t be as there’s too much heavy lorrys rattling passed my house already


The betting shop on the corner next to Smiths used to be a butchers! And I remember when we had two bakeries (one near The Hill, and the other near M&co)