Can one legally shoot on the streets of London?



This little beauty was photographed this week on Sunderland Road and posted on TOSS.

Though now six weeks late, if it were pheasant season could I shoot this delicious morsel on the streets of London? Of course if it wanders onto my property Sunday lunch will be amazing this weekend.


Fortnums deliver, darling… much less messy… besides, I think you might cause a bit of a panic if there is the sound of gunshot in the neighbourhood.


Yeah, but, no, but. Yes it was shot (photographically) on Sunderland Road, but it was three years ago, not this week. I know because it was me wot shot it.


Also, tsk. If it wandered on to your property this weekend, you could eat it NEXT Sunday after you’d properly hung it for a week.


That is disappointing. How’d it taste? Fatty?

But not much fun. Been talking to the shooting boys and they’re up for a local shoot. Perhaps after a few pints in the Bird in Hand.

I am hanging my head in shame. And am reminded that I was to convert the garden chalet into a charcuterie and smokehouse.


No you cant shoot in London (unless at a licensed shooting club). You can fire an air rifle but not within 50 yards of a road and the pellet cannot exit your property. Finally you are not allowed to shoot game with an air rifle.

You could trap it using a stick, crate, piece of string and some seeds.

What time should I come round on Sunday?

Edit: Given my impending move maybe we can come to some sort of arrangement! Fresh country birds for posh London Pilsner.


Bit gamey after 7 days.


Hi Londondrz, do you have a link for this info? thanks


Hi @DevonishForester Relevant info on here: Under “Know your law-air weapons”.