Can you register to vote? (deadline to register now passed)


In the last week I was speaking to a couple of EU nationals living in London who were not aware they could vote in the upcoming local elections. This is hardly surprising as EU nationals cannot vote in general elections, nor could vote in the EU referendum in 2016. So, if you are:

  • a British citizen living in the UK
  • a qualifying Commonwealth citizen living in the UK
  • a citizen of the Republic of Ireland living in the UK
  • a European Union citizen living in the UK
  • someone registered to vote as a Crown Servant
  • someone registered to vote as a service voter

… you can vote in the local elections on May 3rd as long as you are registered to do so by April 17th.


If you haven’t yet, you have one week left to register to vote in the local elections in May.

Tick tock.


Bored? Register to vote if you can but haven’t yet. Deadline is Tuesday.

And if you want to vote by post the deadline for that request is Wednesday.


Will this be the last UK local election where EU citizens will be allowed to vote?


If so it’ll be interesting to see if anything changes when only U.K. citizens (which of course includes EU migrants who have chosen this as their long term home) are able to vote for the U.K. parliament.


That’s already the case for the UK parliament. EU citizens are only allowed to vote in local, regional, and EU elections - not national elections or referendas.
The only exception at present is Irish citizens who are allowed to vote in UK national elections.
But i assume (i may be wrong) that EU citizens will have no voting rights in local elections after Brexit - bringing them into line with national elections.


and citizens from Commonwealth nations at the moment.


Still dithering weather
to stand for local Cllr or not, not this round though :smirk::smirk:


Last call for voter registration! Today midnight is the deadline.