Cancelled Highbury train



Waiting for a train this evening. The first Highbury train was cancelled, then an Overground train moved slowly along the inside platform track without stopping. OK this is typically what happens with non-stopping trains that have been taken out of service. But this train had many passengers in every carriage. What’s going on? Skipping stations to catch up?


This has become more common with London Overground where they’ll run trains ‘fast’ through Forest Hill as so they meet their targets for on-time trains. Recently a train from West Croydon went ‘fast’ from Norwood Junction to Surrey Quays to make up time further up the line.


When I used to catch a train home from Norwood Junction they often announced this train will run fast to New Cross Gate. I think it still went along the slow track. So I doubt that it got there much quicker. But I had to wait for the next train.


It does get there faster as the train doesn’t have to show down, stop, wait, accelerate at each stop.

I can’t remember where I read it but I think the same effect limits trains per hour on some stretches of the underground lines. Some stations as so close together that the trains just accelerate out of one platform before having to start breaking for the next, never having reached top speed and thus creating a bottle neck.


I was thinking that it must catch up with a train that does actually stop and then will just follow it.


Some tube lines such as the Jubilee, Northern and Victoria use ATO (Automatic Train Operation), this allows them to run trains a minute behind if needs be. Thameslink also uses ATO on the ‘core’ section from Blackfriars.


Yup, the robots are able to match the ideal acceleration and deceleration profiles much more closely to optimise train throughout between stations, and also drive most efficiently. ATO can also run trains closer together as you no longer need fixed signalling block sections in the legacy sense, unless the line is shared with manual trains…


Yes, I’ve seen on the tube when one pulls out of a station, the other is just behind which can be seen from the tunnel.


Same thing this evening. Highbury train (with passengers on board) failed to stop at Forest Hill. No info from staff accept “it often happens”.